Trent Baalke: ‘One Player’

General Manager Trent Baalke met with local bay area reporters today, all wanting to hear Baalke’s draft insight.

Baalke is always tight lipped when divulging secrets and today was no different, but he did share a little draft information. Baalke did say that there is ‘one player’ that the 49ers expect to be there at the 30 spot.

“We have one (prospect) we feel real good about,” Baalke said. “If we’re able to move up or not move up, we’ve got to be prepared to make a pick at 30. There is one (prospect) in particular we feel will be there, and if he’s there we’ll make the pick.”

Who is that player they feel will be there at the 30 spot? Baalke didn’t say. My guess is it is a player no one is expecting, just like when they selected Aldon Smith last year.

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  • Joe S.

    I think the 49ers are gonna try and trade back 5 spots or so and select CB Josh Robinson out of UCF, he fits what we need in the back field and he is a great value

    • cbreeze

      lots of good cbs in the draft…a number of good offensive line guys as well…my guess fleener first round best player avail for o line…rb 3rd w/o a clue next 4 picks…..

  • Joe S.

    My ideal draft board would be 1st round josh Robinson cb, 2nd round Jarius Wright WR, 3rd round Ben Jones C