Schedule Breakdown. Record Prediction.

The 49ers schedule was released yesterday and the 49ers have returned to their glory days with five primetime matchups. We will breakdown the schedule and leave you with our prediction on the season.

Week 1: at Packers (Loss)
Week 2: vs Lions (Win)
Week 3: at Vikings (Win)
Week 4: at Jets (Win)

The 49ers start out of the gate with a big time matchup against the Packers. The Packers are good at home and good at home on opening weekend. The 49ers have lost eight straight to the Packers dating back to 1998 and hate to say it, but it will be 9 after opening day. The 49ers host the Lions on Sunday night and win the Handshake Bowl. The Lions have lost 11 straight at Candlestick since 1975. The next two weeks the 49ers have road games, look for the 49ers to spend that time in Youngstown, Ohio again and like last season these two road games will be hard fought wins. The road games against the Packers and Jets come at a good time as the weather isn’t that cold yet.

Week 5: vs Bills (Win)
Week 6: vs Giants (Win)
Week 7: vs Seahawks (Win)
Week 8: at Cardinals (Win)

The 49ers next three out of four are home games and I see the 49ers sweeping all those games. The 49ers will look to avenge their NFCCG loss against the Giants and the game in Arizona could go either way. The 49ers always seem to lose a game against an NFC West opponent for some reason and this Cardinal game could be it, but the 49ers always play well on Monday Night.

Week 9: Bye
Week 10: vs Rams (Win)
Week 11: vs Bears (Win)
Week 12: at Saints (Loss)

The 49ers get a bye at the perfect time, right in middle of season. They get a home game after the bye so they’ll be well rested and the Rams won’t stand a chance. They host the Bears on Monday Night and the 49ers at home on MNF, statistics are in their favor. They travel to New Orleans where the Saints offense will look to make up for the divisional playoff loss. A win is possible, but in New Orleans on that turf, unlikely.

Week 13: at Rams (Win)
Week 14: vs Dolphins (Win)
Week 15: at Patriots (Loss)
Week 16: at Seahawks (Loss)
Week 17: vs Cardinals (Win)

The 49ers close out the season with three out of five road games. After two wins against the Rams and Dolphins the 49ers will have 2 losses on the season. At this point the NFC West is most likely theirs and now they are playing for better playoff positioning. They travel to the East Coast to take on the Patriots. It will be cold and at night. 49ers drop a tough one against the Pats. I dont see them beating them on their home turf in December. The 49ers than head up to Pacific Northwest and drop an NFC West matchup. Like I mentioned earlier the 49ers will lose one against a team in the West and it is either Cardinals or Seahawks and in this case the 12th man helps the Hawks with the win. The 49ers than head home to close out the season with a win against the Cardinals.

I have the 49ers going 12-4. Of course a few of those games can go either way. The 49ers will not be surprising any teams this year. They will be favorites to win the West and to make a long run in the playoffs. The key to the season is those first four games. They go 3-1 on that stretch they are in good position to make a run to finish out the year.

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  • Rich

    Why is everyone so intent on the 49ers losing the Green Bay and Saints games? Have a little faith in this team. I truly believe that they will go 13-3 or even 14-2.

    • DANDAN

      the way they played last year i think this 49ER time is off the hook. ONE GAME WAY FROM ANOTHER CHAMPINSHIP. THY WILL LOSE IN THE PRE GAMES. But i know they will WIN alot more games this year. WOOOOOHOOOOOO

  • barb

    I like it. Though I too think we can be the Saints.

  • 49er fan

    This is a new decade, new coach, new players new system new everything. It will be different vs the packers rivalry. Packers owned us in the 90s, but now is different. bring on the pack.

  • true49erfan

    Bring on anybody its our time been a fan through the ups and downs im just happy to see us atop the west again bring on anybody we are not scared

  • chuc

    go 49ers, muck the Fudge Packers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!