Preseason Schedule 2012

The NFL released the preseason schedule today. The 49ers will face the Vikings, Texans, Broncos, and Chargers.

Week 1 vs. Vikings
Week 2 at Texans
Week 3 at Broncos (August 26th, 1:00pm FOX)
Week 4 vs. Chargers (August 30th)

Interesting that the 49ers get the FOX game on the 26th against Peyton and the Broncos…

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  • friscoKillaTay

    The niner will win the nfc champ this year…we have the weapons, we have the skill set, we have destiny. Watch and learn. You heard it hear. Moss will have 15 td’s and 1k yards. Watch. Come and bare witness to the mastery that is the Frisco Disco Ball of Gretta Garbo like tenacity.

  • Polishgorilla

    i love the 49ers, but moss will not do any of that. we're a running offense that hates turnovers, we only stick to the air when our receivers are wide open thats how Alex Smith plays ball and he might not be the best thrower in the league, but he picks the right times to throw the ball and keeps the ball in our possession.