Draft Profile: Rueben Randle – WR

Height: 6’4?
Weight: 210 lbs.
Arm Length: 33 in.
Hand Size: 9 1/2 in.
College: LSU
Forty: 4.55

Randle is an early-entry junior who has become a late riser in this year’s class. He was limited by inconsistent LSU quarterback play all year. He is an impressive athlete.

Randle is a tall receiver who displays good balance throughout his route and leans on his defender well to create separation. He is learning how to work routes downfield and is a strong catcher of both high and low balls. He has good flexibility and really came along as a junior with his overall field awareness and ability to diagnose coverages to find his spots in zones.

Randle is still developing many of his skills and will be more of a prospect. He still looked uncomfortable running some routes and isn’t to a point where he is actively thinking about how to sell his corner on every play. He will take his eye off the ball across the middle and is inconsistent with his physicality.

Release: Good strength to push the cornerback onto his heels in tight coverage and has the burst to step back, space and snatch the quick out. Smooth accelerator who can get behind the defense with good playing speed but needs to do a better job of using his hands to gain separation when pressed.

Hands: Strong hands. Can snatch the ball from the air but does allow passes into his chest. Good strength and effort facing physical coverage and has the long arms and big hands to win the contested ball. Tracks the ball well over his shoulder. Good body control to contort in space. Possesses very long arms and has good flexibility to extend and pluck outside of his frame.

Route running: Possesses good athleticism for a receiver of his size and is able to get free of coverage due to his savviness as a route runner. Shows some feel for setting up the defender. Will use a shoulder fake to get the defender turning and accelerate smoothly on angle routes. Has the speed to beat defenders deep and is able to gain separation on short routes despite being a bit stiff in turning back to the ball. Alert receiver. Recognizes when his quarterback is in trouble and adjusts his route accordingly.

After the catch: Possesses very good size and good strength to threaten as a big play target. Fights for additional yardage and can break tackles in doing so. Isn’t elusive enough to juke defenders in tight quarters but has good vision and enough burst to take advantage after breaking a tackle. Coordinated athlete who glides for his size but may lack the top-end speed to run away from NFL cornerbacks.

Blocking: Takes pride in his role as a blocker, showing significant improvement in this area in 2011 from 2010. Possesses very good size as well as good strength and effort to contain his target. Looks to get involved downfield to spring one of his teammates.

Intangibles: Highly touted athlete who drew interest in the Major League Baseball draft and could have signed with virtually any college team in the country as a prep receiver. Has been characterized as a very hard worker who is willing to put in the time on and off the field to improve. On the “hands” team for LSU and caught the on-side kick attempt by Oregon to essentially end the game in the 2011 season opener.

Analysis from NFLDraftScout.com

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  • rrup

    The one thing that I see in Randle is that he knows how to adjust to the QB when the QB is in trouble,
    and I don't see that in any of the WRs they have now. Maybe he can teach the other WRs how to do that.

  • 49erskid

    i see Randel as a short yardage (up to 25) reciever. Maybe a big man at slot. He can go up and get the ball but doesnt really get seperation. Seems to be a good go up and gett it reciever though for touchdown situations.