Carlos Rogers Confirms Williams’ DC Bounties

Carlos Rogers was recently on KNBR and he mentioned that while playing for the Washington Redskins the players were paid to hit players hard enough to put them out of a game.

Rogers states it started as a pool of money from fines imposed by Williams that the players had to pay and the money collected was given out for interceptions and big plays. Over time it expanded.

“It went on to guys just suggesting stuff in a room,” Rogers said. “If you knock this person out, let’s say a receiver, he comes across the middle. Safety knocks him out, a legal hit, you get this amount of money.”

Rogers insisted that the word “bounty” overstates the situation, and he claims that the payment system is a product of “competition in the [meeting] room,” and that “once the ball is snapped you’re not thinking about it.”

Rogers also feels that the latest effort to punish the Saints will change the mindset of players across the league. “Will guys stop doing it in their meeting rooms? I doubt it.”

Rogers also said that if Goodell played pro football and understood how the game really works, than Goodell would have a different outlook on fining players for certain hits.

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