Brandon Jacobs: Always a fan of red and gold

The 49ers officially signed Brandon Jacobs to his one year deal today and after talking with the beat writers it seems like Brandon Jacobs has always been a fan of the 49ers. Jacobs talked about how when he grew up he was a 49ers fan.

“When I chose them as my team, I barely knew anything about football,” Jacobs shared. “I was only 8 years old and only liked their uniforms. That’s what drew me to the 49ers. And I stuck with them. I even found myself cheering for them on like Sunday nights when we weren’t playing against them, seven years deep into the NFL. I was a really big fan.”

Jacobs also said he felt like the organization really wanted him and it made it that much easier to sign knowing that former teammate Marion Manningham was in San Francisco as well.

“It’s a good football team and really close. And I felt wanted. I felt they really wanted me around and I was excited about it.”

“Knowing he’s here, made it that much more comfortable for me to join the team,” Jacobs said.

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