When Jim Met Alex

Like all relationships, the honeymoon period for the Jim Harbaugh-Alex Smith marriage is over, now it’s time to work. You’ve all seen this story before; read it in a Nora Roberts novel, watched it in a Meg Ryan movie, or perhaps lived through it personally. Jim, the no-nonsense man with the frosty heart, meets Alex, the emotionally battered divorcee looking to learn how to trust again. Year 1 was a veritable fairy tale come to life, the hugs, the shoulder slaps, the smiles, and the victory trots. Almost culminating in the ultimate finish. Almost.

It’s now been 8 months since the summer of love, 8 months of pure bliss, 8 months of confidence, 8 months of strengthening the bond, 1 day of pure heartache. Jim has felt that pain before, as a player then, and now as a coach. So Jim did, what all men in his position often do when confidence is shaken, they allow one eye to stray, perhaps a 10 will somehow drop into their laps, while clinging to the belief that they’ll still be able to fallback on ol faithful back at home. But come on fellas, how often is a 10 going to fall into your lap with ease, they always end up in the passenger seat of some schmuck’s Porsche wiping the Oreo Double Stuf crumbs off their lips with $100 bills. On the surface, the flirtation is innocent, nothing happened he thought, but theres always someone somewhere who knows someone who knows you, and more important, knows your better half… and the truth is out. What now? What happens now is what often happens in Year 2 of any marriage, getting over the honeymoon and building on what drew you together to begin with. The Jim and Alex marriage will be put to the test this year. Was it love? Or was it lust? Or was it just the right fleeting combination of need and want?

We’ll find out in 12 months.

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