Vince Young Expresses Interest in 49ers and No One Cares

After Peyton Manning chose the Denver Broncos and Alex Smith showing strong interest in the Dolphins, I came across this tweet from Vince Young. Apparently his sports management team tweeted that the Dolphins might be interested in Young, to which Vince responded or the 49ers.

It seems that Young has interest in the 49ers…the good thing the 49ers have no interest in him.

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  • duwryght

    I have expressed, my feelings about Alex Smith, while I don't know him as a person he takes a about fraction of the criticism quarter backs like Sanchez, Romo or hell even Sam Bradford takes, we tried to get Peyton so what!, he's lucky we didn't try to get any of those other aforementioned guys, give is David Garrard, or Jason Campbell I would guarantee either of those guys completes more than one pass to a wide receiver, granted Kyle Williams cost us the game but Alex Smith was the sells tax.:-(

  • tim

    vince young would be a good fit for the 49ers hes a winner point blank( steve young-vince young) championships can be won again 6,7,8… I like alex smith but he scared to throw the ball
    tim fan for life 49ers !!!!!!!