Moss or Owens: Twitter Debate

With the news of Randy Moss on his way to San Francisco to meet with the team on Monday. It shows that the 49ers are seriously looking for anyone to help at the wide receiver position. You gotta wonder if the 49ers would take a look at another 35+ receiver who sat out last year and that would be Terrell Owens.

I took to twitter and asked the question. Who would you rather, Moss or TO? The responses were pretty much equal, with some even suggesting neither or both.

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  • ptpete

    I posted something about them bringing TO back two days ago! They should do it! He's on a cheap weekly contract in the AFL right now, and playing pretty well. Won't be difficult at all to sign him and give him one last shot at the big leagues. And think what he and Moss would be able to teach a bunch of young guys (hopefully with pickup of Mohamed Sanu in the second round of the draft). If any coach can inspire that duo to play well AND be leaders in the clubhouse, its Harbaugh.

    Plus, any bay area fans will agree that signing big namers when nobody else wants to give them a chance works out well (Frank Thomas)