In Search of Balance…

The theme of the 2011 49ers week in and week out was “Offensive Balance”. Coach Harbaugh prided himself on maintaining balance, 50% run and 50% pass. However, taking a more granular look at the situation even a casual observer can see one aspect of the offense was blatantly unbalanced. Lacking depth due to injuries, inexperience, and more bluntly… absences of talent, the 49ers were forced to march onward with Michael Crabtree and a rotating lazy susan of untested receivers. As the season grew, the passing windows outside the hashes certainly did not. Luckily for the 49ers, Vernon Davis rose to the challenge week in and week out. Blowing the lid of the defense time and time again, defying the “expert’s” predictions, Davis nearly led the team to the Super Bowl.

Perhaps the addition of Randy Moss and Mario Manningham will go the way of the “Braylon Edwards Experiment”, but one thing is certain (and reassuring), and that one thing is the fact that we now have a GM and Head Coach with the hubris and calculated aggression to attack free agency determined to address an area of need without mortgaging the future to do so. If the 49ers somehow win the Manning Sweepstakes, then rest assured… the vertical attack will be the least of their worries. And if they don’t, then they’ll still have a shot at #6 because unlike previous regimes, the balance comes from the top.

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