Huge Props to Paraag Marathe

It’s not everyday that a money man in the NFL gets public adoration. Usually they are the ones who get chastised by the fans for writing up a contract for a free agent that costs ridiculous amounts of money, or giving said player a contract that really isn’t cap friendly.

The reason for this public display of affection towards Paraag, is the numbers came out regarding the contract details of the Carlos Rogers signing. And once again Paraag put together a deal that is brilliant. Here are those said numbers courtesy of Matt Maiocco.

Rogers counts $5.5 million against the 49ers’ 2012 cap after signing a four-year, $29.3 million contract that includes a $5 million signing bonus. Rogers’ deal includes a 2012 base salary of $3.9 million, along with annual $100,000 workout bonuses and up to $250,000 yearly in roster bonuses. Rogers’ base salaries increase to $5.5 million in 2013, $6.25 million in 2014, and $7.25 million in 2015. The deal contains another $2 million total in possible incentives.

The 49ers now have extended two huge pieces to their defense back (Brooks, Rogers) with very cap friendly and future proof contracts. Not to mention signing Randy Moss to deal that involves no financial risk and I’m sure we’ll see another deal of this type if/when Dashon Goldson signs long term after his franchise tag.

With those signings along with some key others, the 49ers are sitting very nicely with an estimated $18 million in cap space.

Those are just numbers for this year, Paraag has been working his numbers for the past couple years and giving out contracts that are team friendly. In the long run the 49ers are looking really good in the area of the current and future cap.

I have to say that Paraag Marathe may be the best money man in the NFL. I even heard someone call him the Billy Beane of the NFL.

Hmmm…I wonder who will play him in a movie.

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