Bromance Still Intact

The 49ers and free agent quarterback have finally reached a deal. The contract the 49ers had on the table before the start of free agency has been signed. Reports are the deal is for 3 years and around $24 million with at least $10 million in guaranteed money.

The signing comes a day after sought after Peyton Manning agreed to deal with the Broncos and also a day after the Miami Dolphins signed David Garrard, who were also courting Alex Smith.

This signing was inevitable as everyone knows including Alex that his success is because of Jim Harbaugh.

Now the 49ers have almost filled all their major roles, the last area of need is the RG position. But one thing is certain the Harbaugh-Smith Bromance will be back in full force.

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  • 1phd

    Now bring in Johnson and let the four of them compete for the starting job and may the best man win.

  • Ramaros

    Seriously? Pay him that much to have him compete? Also i thought the article read that that was the deal on the table however they are working out a new deal that has yet to be disclosed