As the Smith/Harbaugh/Manning Drama Turns

A Seahawks fan blogger broke the story today that he was on a redeye flight to Miami with San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith. Not long after his tweets came out the Miami beat writers and Adam Schefter reported Alex was their to meet the Dolphins.

This can mean a lot of things. Alex is showing the organization he really isn’t Harbaugh’s BFF. He is just using this as leverage to get more money if Peyton turns down the 49ers, or someone informed him (Condon) that Peyton will choose the 49ers.

Regardless of why, this certainly adds more drama to the 49ers free agent season. If by some chance the 49ers sign neither Smith or Peyton, look for Josh Johnson to make a flight to San Francisco not long after.

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  • Ramaros

    This is very disheartening for me. I want Alex Smith back. It upsets me the organization has jumped on the manning bandwagon after preaching to smith that hes our guy..

  • SFGM

    It's a business. The Niners are gearing up to make an end run. Get over it. -SFGM-

  • joe

    well maybe we should get rid of are sfgm we want smith.