Alex Smith Conspiracy Theory

Over at our forums, one of our posters came up with this Alex Smith Signing Conspiracy Theory. After I read it, it sorta makes perfect sense. Explanation below…

I don’t believe Alex Smith will sign anytime soon.

Alex and Harbaugh are tied together, and I believe the deal is already agreed upon, minus one detail. The cap numbers.

Alex Smith is the consummate team player and I honestly think that Alex is waiting to sign until the 49ers are done being players in Free agency. Once the Niners appear to be winding up their free agency shopping (another WR, an OL, and perhaps another safety for depth), then we’ll see Smith sign a 3-4 year deal maximizing his cap value for the 2012 year.

He’ll do this so that he can 1) get the most guarenteed money right away, and 2) moves his dollar value off the books immediately freeing up cap space for the 49ers to remain competitive in resigning and adding players in 2013 and 2014.

In my opinion the above scenario is as obvious as the lockout wink and nod deal, they had last offseason.

Now off to remove my tinfoil hat.

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  • crap, this isWAY BETTER than my theory… I hope it's true. Kinda.

    If you're interested is reading my theory, (could Kaepernick be the reason Alex hasn't signed?) go here and you can follow me @evoray49

  • wow this makes perfect fucking sense, i had a couple of my own theories but this is better, i hope its true

  • Ramaros

    I believe this.. He's taken 2 paycuts to remain on this team already…

  • AZ9er

    Wow. Whoever wrote the original post is a freaking genius… and extremely good looking too.

  • Aussie9er

    Hasn't signed because his agent is bring Manning in to take his job

  • Lou

    I don't believe this at all. Sorry…

  • johnnydirtty

    I think Alex Smith has not signed, because the Niners are interested in Manning. They could have signed him sometime over the last couple months.

  • duwryght

    The bottom line is Alex Smith is not our answer, how many time do we have to suffer him? He lacks big play ability, and in this league of constant air attacks we need a fighter pilot not some one who can fly a commercial airline

  • Hector

    Yes but now Manning is in the mix.