Brooks’ Full Guarantee: $8.25M

We ran across this article from Mac’s Football Blog, breaking down the contract for Ahmad Brooks. Yesterday Matt Maiocco reported that the actual value of the contract was $37 million and included $17.5 million in guaranteed money.

The site Mac’s Football Blog went even further discussing the breakdown of the contract and how once again Paraag Marathe brokered the 49ers one hell of a deal. So I’m gonna steal Mac’s article and post it here.

Through a league source, Mac’s Football Blog has obtained the details of Brooks’ contract which, at the time of signing, includes $8.25 million in fully guaranteed money and $9.25 million that is guaranteed for injury only.

As Maiocco initially reported, Brooks received a $7.5 million signing bonus. The other portion of the deal that is fully guaranteed is a $750,000 base salary for the 2012 season. Along with $500,000 in per game roster bonuses ($31,250) and a $100,000 workout bonus, Brooks’ 2012 cap number checks in at a team-friendly $2.85 million.

In 2013, Brooks is due a $4.3 million base salary that is currently guaranteed for injury only and will become guaranteed for skill and cap if Brooks is on the roster on April 1, 2013. Brooks’ base salary and the base salary guarantee could be reduced by $2.5 million, with the de-escalation tied to his 2012 sacks. Brooks could also increase his base salary by $500,000, as is the case in each year of his contract. Brooks has $750,000 in per game roster bonuses ($46,875 per) and a $100,000 workout bonus for a 2013 cap number of $4.3 million.

Brooks is scheduled to receive a $5.15 million base salary in 2014, of which $4.95 million is guaranteed for injury only at the time of signing. If Brooks’ 2013 salary is decreased, the full amount of the 2014 salary ($5.15 million) will be guaranteed for injury only. If Brooks is on the roster on April 1, 2014, his base salary will become guaranteed for skill and cap. Like the season before, Brooks’ 2014 base salary and base salary guarantee could decrease by $2.5 million, which is tied to the previous season’s sack totals, or increase by $500,000

In each year of the contract, Brooks can void all de-escalators if the 49ers win 12 games, plays in the NFC Championship Game and Brooks has a playing-time percentage of over 93 percent. Beginning in 2014, Brooks can void the de-escalators in his contract by having two prior seasons with 12 sacks.

The rest of Brooks’ contract contains base salaries of $6 million (2015), $6.5 million (2016) and $6.95 million (2017). Portions of Brooks’ 2015 base salary could become guaranteed if there are reductions to his 2013 or 2014 salary guaranteed. Brooks has $750,000 in per game roster bonuses and $100,000 workout bonuses in each of those seasons, as well.

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