49ers Sign Randy Moss to One Year Deal

Randy Moss spent 15 minutes today running routes and catching passes from 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. After that Moss chatted with 49ers brass and not long after it was reported that he was treated to some cafeteria food at 49ers Headquarters. Moss left not long after and no reports of him signing at the time. But just like that Adam Schefter reported that the 49ers and Randy Moss agreed on a one year deal.

Moss will now join Michael Crabtree, Kyle Williams and Joe Hastings as the current WR on the roster. Hopefully Moss will be able to contribute better than Braylon Edwards did last season and hopefully the 49ers get the Moss that put up huge numbers for the Patriots a couple years ago.

Media folks are saying that if anybody can get something out of the 35 year old vet it would be Harbaugh…now we just wait and see.

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