Who Dat? The 49ers Dat Who…

The 49ers pulled off one of the great postseason come from behind victories in 49ers history. This ranks up there with the Catch, The Catch II, and now the Catch III.

I’m not going to spend that much time writing about this, because it is time to celebrate. The 49ers are heading to the NFC Championship game where they will travel to Green Bay or host the Giants.

You gotta give huge props to Alex Smith, the QB who everyone loves to hate. In the biggest game of his career, scores the longest rushing TD of a 49ers QB, and throwing two clutch passes to Vernon Davis.

Today Alex Smith was better than Drew Brees….NFC Championship Time…

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  • ninerfaithful

    _ the catch 3 will be remembered for ever VD A. Smith

  • Rob

    his biggest game… so far :) This easily is the game of the year..

  • al9er

    Great game the NFL is the best

  • Greg

    I agree that the catch 3 was incredible, but what I will forever call "The Run" by Alex Smith might have been my favorite play of the game

  • INSANE GAME!! Those last 2 drives will give the 49ers next opponent a lot more to plan for. Alex Smith, I think, finally made a believer out of me!