I Blame You Kyle Williams

The 49ers fell one game short of playing the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Wait let me rephrase that, Kyle Williams muffed two punts to keep the 49ers from going to play the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Kyle Williams this seasons Roger Craig.

I know some out there will say playcalling, some poor offensive play, referees, 3rd down conversions, etc. Yes I can agree with that. Alex Smith really only throwing two good passes, passing when they should have run, whistles being blown too soon and on and on…but you know what I don’t care. This loss falls on the hands of Kyle Williams. 49ers up 14-10 when Williams decided he was going to run the closest he possibly could to the punt and let it hit his knee and the Giants recovered and then put up 7. The offense did what they needed to from there. They tied the game. Overtime.

The 49ers defense stepped up and stopped Eli Manning twice in OT, only to put the ball into the hands of Kyle Williams, who once again muffed it and handed it back to the Giants.

I do say Congrats to the 49ers on getting to where they got, no one expected it. But if Kyle Williams wasn’t on the field this day, the 49ers most likely would have won.

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  • bill c

    He needs to be released asap. I don’t want to see him on this team next year at all or even on the practice squad. How pathetic.

  • Lou

    Guys…give him a break…He doesn't always return punts. I am a Ninerdie hard and picking on Kyle Williams doesn't help the team in anyway.

  • They HAVE to sign a solid WR in free agency. There are some big time names out there this year. And yeah, Kyle Williams gets a boatload of blame for this loss. To hand the game to the Giants like that in overtime will take a long time to get over.

  • Rob

    Kyle Williams i believe had around 12 Punt returns/Kick returns including this game.. dont know if thats 100% the # but its close.. YOu can say he shot the team in the foot and your right he did.. but the play i'd say fucked the niners the most was the dead ball fumble call… I'm sorry that right there.. had we got that and scored.. GAME… by far the fastest forward progression call I"VE EVER SEEN!

  • roman

    Ilove the 49ers,Kyle Willams made a mistake, give him a brake. What if he would of returned the ball for a touchdown, what would you be saying about then?

    • duwryght

      We would be saying that we got lucky,because that moron didn't cost us the game,don't let him punt return against the patriots

  • Mb12

    Hey, Williams didn't muff the punt in OT… It was punched out of his hands after he made a clean catch and tried to set up a return. The Giants coverage team caused the fumble, not an inept Williams.

  • johnny martin

    whay aboutthe niners going what 1 for 13 on third downs give me a break!!
    williams did muff the put then fumble but come on offince get a cue!!!i

  • niners4life

    It wasn't all Williams fault. I guess some people weren't actually watching the game. I watched it from the first kickoff to the last field goal. The offense played like shit overall there were plenty of times Williams got the ball to the 40 yard marker or farther and the offense couldn't capitalize on it. If they would have OT wouldn't even of happened so stop throwing all the blame on Williams. And this is coming from a fan who has adorned the 49ers for over 20 years.

  • ruben_samaro

    win as a team and lose as a team..kyle williams messed up twice yes they cost us alot but he aint the only one that messd up..dashon goldson messed up two interceptions..nobody blames him fo anythin..he injured tarelle brown that was a game changer..the o-line wasnt playing to well neither was alex..we could have had alot of 1st downs..blaming kyle williams aint gonna help us now..just forgive him and move on we will come back..you seen what we were capable of wait till next year we are gonna tear it up!!!

  • Money

    Everyone wants to blame Kyle Williams. True, his mistake directly led to the Giants winning field goal, but he didn't singly-handedly lose the game. The offense couldn't convert 3rd downs, and Alex Smith overthrew Williams on a wide open long route that would have been 21 points, enough to win the game in regulation.

  • Big-A

    kyle williams got paid bottom line

  • cnotesonly

    Three things need to happen to this team to make it to the SB.
    1. We need a shutdown Cornerback.
    2. We need a receiver that can actually run routes and get open.
    3. Alex Smith needs to go. Harbaugh gave him all season to be a star and he was mediocre at best.
    4. I am not quite sure about this one but the OC did some terrible play designing many times during the regular and post season. I am not sure if Harbaugh was always involved and if he should be the blame.

    Do not be blindsided by our 13-3 record. The Defense put and kept them in a position to win.

  • Kyle WIlliams didn't lose the game. The niners had plenty of opportunities to put the game away. They were 4 and out on O the possession before Kyle had the ball knocked away. It was an offensive team loss – the niners need to shore up O.

  • davy22

    there where many reasons why we didnt win this game. however kyle williams didnt stand up when it mattered most. i am sorry folks but this is the nfl, not the nafl. the fair catch in the fourth quarter where he actually dived to catch the ball should have demonstrated where his head was at. the fact that he was still returning punts after that and then the knee play….. my god where was harbaughs head at? he shouldnt have been on the field for o/t. i know it great to be supportive but that dosent help when your seasons done after so much hard work.

  • The second fumble was not on kyle williams, he just tried to make a play.But the first fumble was on him, if you are not going to catch the ball, get away from it. even peewee football kids are taught to do that.

  • Ed C

    I ahet Kyle Williams with all my heart. In my Madden 2012 game I cut him.