Hats off to the 49ers…

This loss still hurts. I’ve had a little time to put aside the ill will I have towards Kyle Williams. So I just wanted to write a quick post about how great this season was.

14-4, hosted the NFC Championship game. Made it one score away from the Super Bowl and all of this done with a rookie head coach with no offseason, a quarterback almost everyone labeled a bust, and other bits and pieces it seemed no other teams wanted.

I’m proud to be a 49ers fan today. They played their asses off all season and the future can only get better. The defense should stay intact, Aldon Smith is only going to get better and you can’t keep Justin Smith off the field. The offense just needs a couple more pieces, mainly some playmaking WR’s. But the beauty of it is Jim Harbaugh, he’ll get this team here again and next time it will lead to Number 6.

So hats off to all the 49ers who played their asses off this season. You made us proud and I’m so ready for the offseason…

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  • icl49sf

    They need to get rid of crabtree and also get a fairly good quarterback! alex smith is not the quarterback that the team needs! Kicking alex smith crabtree and release a large expense that has the equipment and get better players so !!!!

  • jeffmwknight

    This was a great season… far better than I expected from the short preseason preparation they had. I'm looking for better things next year but I agree that they need a few pieces to complement the offense. I don't think we need to get rid of either Alex Smith or Crabtree but they need to help Alex and Crabtree. Alex needs more receivers that can get open and take some of the defensive pressure off Crabtree. Defensive secondary won't key off on Crabtree and will then need to worry about two recievers plus VD and Walker. I think also maybe a big fullback aka Rathman would be great to help block and open holes for Gore. Then they don't have to use Sopoaga in that capacity. Harbaugh and Co. have done a great job so we don't need major changes… just tweaks. Go Niners!!

  • jeromy

    Alex Smith–gone

    better o-line, better QB , better wr's

    Superbowl/s coming our way