49ers-Saints Over/Unders You Won’t Get to Bet On

When it comes to the playoffs, you can gamble on anything. Coin toss, first team to score, first penalty, etc. But we have put together a list of things that unfortunately you will not be able to bet on. Here are the Over/Unders for the 49ers/Saints game this weekend.

  • Amount of times the wind at Candlestick is blamed for a Drew Brees incompletion – 5
  • Amount of times Hurricane Katrina is mentioned – 2
  • Amount of times Drew Brees breaking Marino’s passing yards record is mentioned – 8
  • Amount of times David Carr, Shaun Hill, Troy Smith are mentioned when discussing Alex Smith – 4
  • Amount of times Reggie Bush is discussed – 2
  • Amount of times they talk about the Stadium lights going out – 3
  • Amount of times they talk about Sean Payton blitzing during the preseason matchup – 1
  • Amount of times they talk about Saints getting upset last season against Seahawks – .5
  • Amount of times they talk about Saints pro bowl lineman – 7
  • Amount of times they talk about 49ers pro bowl defensive players – 1
  • Amount of times we have to see the new McDonalds egg mcmuffin commercial – 18
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  • roger

    yeah it does seem as thought they dont want to talk about the niners it is always about the other team the last game seem like the just want to show how well the other team was doing till the second quater but that is all right here shortly every body will be talking about the niners