Terrell Owens Offering Services to 49ers

It looks like Terrell Owens is offering his services to the 49ers. Now the question is would they take him.

I came across this tweet from Owens to 49ers safety Donte Whitner, who played with each other while they were with Buffalo.

@DonteWhitner Let em kno if they need me, I’m ready homie!! I’m ready 2 take em deep!!

Whitner responded with this: “I know u are! And I’m ready to vouch for (you)…and let everyone kno how GREAT of a teammate u were in Buffalo!”

After the release of Braylon Edwards, Owens name was the first one that popped up from fans and the media. On one side you have the 49ers fans who would love to have him back in Red and Gold and on the other side you have the fans that say ‘Hell No.’ I for one would love T.O. back.

The 49ers beat writers were all in agreement that Owens would not be signed to help out the team in the playoffs. The signing is highly unlikely, but those that want T.O. back can always hope.

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  • Mando

    2 issues about Owens. Is he in shape & will he cause disruption. I say based on his catch in GB playoff game he deserves a try out & we need a receiver. Hopefully we'll get a bye week. Try Owens in practice sessions & see if he can perform against our best defenders. Also, see if he does not cause any disharmony interacting with the players. If he does not perform in practice or raises trouble, dump him immediately. I think it's a win win gamble. In his day TO was as tough as Vernon Edwards going for the ball. He may have lost a step or two but the defense needs keep an eye on him and could really free up out other guys. Give it a shot !!!

  • Moni

    T.O. can stay at home. His attitude hasn't changed. Until he knows that he is NOT all that, he will remain at home. I mean if he really was that damn good, wouldn't he already be on a roster somewhere? Just sayin!

  • jim

    to bad we could have not kept braylan edwards for next year, we need to pick up at least to guys for the playoffs so i would work out t.o. and randy moss u pick up those 2 guys and it will open things for our other guys, this could be there last shot so i think t.o .and randy would be good teamates as well as prove that they stil got it.still cant believe they released braylan i know his knee was banged up but next year he would be healthy this was a mistake

  • shawn slauson

    I'm all for it! I hate the fact that the NFL is toning down all the excitement in football! If they have their way it will be like watching a game of Golf in 10 years! I mean what the hell is everyones problem with celebrating? If your good? If you make a good play? you should have the freaking right to celebrate for gods sake! They took steroids out of baseball and now its as boring as hell like it used to be! I'd rather watch golf then baseball on TV now. We need Terrell to run to the dallas star, pull his freaking pants down and moon all of those texans! Why? Cas Aint Noone Got it Better than US! thats why! Sign T.O. and bring the excitement back to football! Crabtree and Davis are ok, they could do it if they have a good game..but if we had an Owens option in the mix….That would seal it!