Receiver Red Alert

Injuries have already ravaged the San Francisco 49ers at the wide receiver position. The only wideouts on the active roster not currently battered are Michael Crabtree and Brett Swain. Even versatile tight end Delanie Walker’s status is unknown. The release of Braylon Edwards is a bit concerning because with Kyle Williams’ status up in the air, leaving Swain next (and last) on the depth chart to start.

The 49ers must have felt Edwards had no long term value as he was the only injured receiver to be released. I suppose they thought he didn’t have any short term value either because they didn’t even care to keep him rostered during the playoffs. It is unfortunate he couldn’t get on track with the team.  The offense certainly could have used his big play ability he flashed as a Cleveland Brown and New York Jet.  There must have been more behind the scenes because Edwards’ contract was fully guaranteed, with added incentives he was not going to make.

The team still has to beat the St. Louis Rams to secure a first round bye.  Though they are really in trouble at wide receiver, they still should not lose that game. I hope no one is counting that as a guaranteed win, no win is guaranteed.  The Rams did upset the New Orleans Saints earlier this year.  A bye would be nice, but the most important part about the 2nd seed is there won’t be a game in New Orleans, a place where Drew Brees and the Saints just don’t lose (7-0 this season. Outscored opponents 284-126.)  An extra week would also help Ted Ginn, and Kyle Williams to heal from what ails them.  Ginn is so important to special teams as he continues to be a dynamic return man.

The offense isn’t exactly scaring people right now.  Correction, the offense is scaring us fans because of their recent struggles in the redzone.  They did do a better job in Seattle, but points will need to be scored against Green Bay and New Orleans.  Keeping those offenses under 20 points is a lot to ask from the defense.

Who do the 49ers turn to?  Some might be clamoring for Terrell Owens to return to the bay.  He burned that bridge years ago.  Owens complained and wreaked havoc when the offense was one of the best and scored 30 points a game.  He wasn’t happy with Jeff Garcia at the helm.  That team was tailored around Owens and he couldn’t leave fast enough.  His skills are greatly diminished now, and his ego and attitude are the same.  He doesn’t deserve to come back to the team, amidst the first winning season since his departure.  I’d welcome Randy Moss, but I don’t see that happening.  If they were to look at an aging receiver, I think Derrick Mason would be a nice, very short term fill-in.  Though never as explosive as the other two, Mason built his career on route running and reliable hands.  He is 37, and probably doesn’t have much left in the tank, but a crafty veteran with no baggage, and playoff experience (Super Bowl experience in fact) might help out the thin position.  Dominique Zeigler is available, and he is familiar with Alex Smith.  He might get another chance to prove himself.  Who do you think/hope the 49ers reach out to?


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I have been a 49ers fan my entire life and will continue to be one long after I'm dead. My plan for the afterlife is to haunt the Dallas Cowboys and ensure they will never win another Super Bowl. My favorite 49er of all time is Steve Young, and my favorite current 49er would probably be Alex Smith. (I take a lot of sh** for that, even from Niner fans.).
  • roger

    sorry i would go with TO he has change some and not much of the season left and has played in playoff game and all that good stuff and we need rec so they dont double team the only one we have and shut down the pass game as little as we have so take what we can get

  • as much as i would doubt TO has changed, he's probably the best option for a short-term fix. it would be cool to see Randy Moss in the role, but i don't see that happening either… but if TO refuses to play in the bay, i agree with jarrod, derrick mason is a reliable and worthy receiver.


    I'd rather either go forward with the team that got us here or add Moss or Mason (maybe bring them both onboard to decoy for Crabtree) rather consider T.O. – sometimes the lessons you learn in life come many years later and this is one of those times. T.O is the architect of his own demise…he had the golden ticket but chose to waive it in everyone’s face with a “you need me” attitude over being a mature professional that plays elite level football and has a “I’m grateful every day for this opportunity” attitude.

  • Carlos

    the saints pay the refere off to get call made in there favor like on game with lions, people are not stupid, we see things!