49ers Playoffs Scenario

The 49ers really need to win out and get the first round bye. If they lose anymore they have to hope the Saints lose as well. If the 49ers finish with a better record or the same record as the New Orleans Saints the 49ers will get a first round bye, and be host to NFC Divisional Playoff game. Right now the NFC teams in the playoffs are the 49ers, Packers, Saints, Lions, Cowboys and Falcons. If these six continue to stay the same here is who the 49ers would face in the playoffs.

If the 49ers finish with the No. 2 seed they would play the Saints if they beat the Lions. If the Lions won, the 49ers would play the winner of the Cowboys/Falcons.

If the 49ers finish with the No. 3 seed they would host the wild card game against the Lions. After beating the Lions they would than travel to the Saints.

So it is key that the 49ers get that No. 2 seed. If not they will have to go through the Lions, Saints, and Packers (assuming Packers beat their opponent) to get to the Super Bowl. But of course there are still two more weeks of football and different scenarios can emerge…

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