49ers Lose Their Third

The 49ers lost their 3rd game of the season. This was a piss poor performance on the offensive side of the ball. The defense gave the offense 3 turnovers and they couldn’t capitalize.

The 49ers had three redzone opportunities and failed on all three. Outside of a Frank Gore touchdown run. the offense didn’t do anything.

I’m not gonna spend to much time discussing this game, because I’m pissed. I’m pissed off at this offense, and I’m pissed off at Alex Smith. Not being able to score in the redzone will not get them far in the playoffs. And at this rate they’ll most likely lose a first round playoff bye.

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  • roger

    yeah i agree i am pissed to but alex did try but with all sacks he might be hearing footsteps but hanging in there but he has to be protected in the pocket nine sacks in a game cant blame him and the line started out great and now they are playing flat look at the last play of the game him by him self not one niner line men back there something is wrong with that

  • loyshon

    I have been a 49er fan for over 20yrs and this years team is over achieving. do not be mad at Alex, he should have been cut, our team lacks team speed and direction, play calling on offense is always bad, our jumbo sets do not work, none of our receivers are nfl elite….I like crabs, However, he doesn't have top speed and will drop one or two, VD has speed , however, he isn't a pure pass catcher….we lack a threat . I wish that we would have traded our entire 2011 draft for Patrick Peterson and Andy Dalton…All of our number one picks on the O line are awful.CHILO must be cut.Give coach another two drafts before we judge him. Enjoy this small miracle of a season….we just aren't that good…..the Ravens are what we aim to be….they have at least an all-pro at every position….until we can generate a pass rush ( aldon will get better and stronger) offensive line help( our center, both guards and tackles would be backups on other teams) team speed ( gore and hunter lack break away speed once they hit the hole, a cover corner, a beast of an outside linebacker that we can move around and demands double teams….we should be 10-6 and fight with the cardinals for the NFC west…….for the next three yrs…..if we had an offensive line……I would suggest that we trade with the colts for manning or luck….maybe we draft RG3 and hire a new offensive cordinator

    • Niner n H-tow

      Hunter really DOES have BREAK-AWAY speed….You will see….He is awesome.