49ers Drop No. 2

Go in late from Vegas, had to head to inlaws for Thanksgiving and watch the game there. I knew it was going to be a long night when I had to battle with them to put the game on over Madagascar 2. Thankfully the 49ers game won out, but after watching the sacks Smith take and some bad calls. Madagascar 2 might have been the better option.

I’m not upset at all with this loss, yes I would have loved the 49ers to have win No. 10 at this point, but 9-2 is still nice to look at. The 49ers had a short week, traveled on a short week and played against perhaps the best defense in the NFL, if not in the NFL at least on their home turf.

I think it might have been a loss that makes this team stronger, you have to feel that Harbaugh is going to come back next week with this team playing their asses off. I certainly would not want to be the Rams next week traveling into Candlestick.

Things to take from this game. The 49ers have now gone 11 games without giving up a rushing touchdown and holding their opposition running game under 100 yards for another game. Now if the offense can get in synch and stay there…

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