49ers Lose to Cowboys in OT

Remember that time the 49ers opted for 3 points instead of a first down and potentially going up by 14? Yeah so do I. I do know that that was the right call. You put it on your defenses shoulders with two score lead….but you know that call will be debated all week.

The 49ers lost to the Cowboys in OT 27-24, in a game that they should have won. But again conservativity (I just made that word up) piss poor defense and an offense that struggles to get points on the board lost it for them in the end.

I think the thing that hurts the most is we will have to hear about how great Tony Romo is from all the analysts. Damn, I’m not watching sports shows at all this week.

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  • Anthony

    Im more mad at how many $#cking Cowboy fans there were at Candlestick!!! It was like a home game!

  • wickerman

    The worst part of this is what it means for the rest of the season leading up to the bye (wk 7).

    The Boys were beatable (Romo hurt, Jones hurt, Dez out and a secondary held together by duct tape and bubble gum). If the Niners go 2-0 and then beat Cinci, they are 3-0 headed into a brutal stretch of Eagles, Bucs and Lions (never thoguht I;d put the Lions int he brutal stretch list).

    3-3 would have been a reasonable record considering.. Now 2-4 looks like it might be a blessing. 1-5 looks very possible.

    So what does that mean? The 9ers need to find a way to beat one (or more ) of those last 3 teams.

    Can they? I hope. I just doubt it with that o-line, lack of a rushing attack and a shaky secondary. Goldson and Spencer may help the DB situation, but the o-line and run game are HUGE question marks

  • Alex

    Go 49ers! great win over the bangles today.