Taylor Mays on Trade Block

Adam Schefter is reporting that the 49ers have sent out a mass email this afternoon to teams around the league to try and trade safety Taylor Mays.

Wow. Was not expecting to read anything like this today. Looks like the Mays selection had Singletary’s name all over it. I find it hard to believe Baalke would trade a player he coveted a year later. Either that or Harbaugh and Co. have a little more pull than we were told.

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  • Drew

    Nooo. Even though they just signed Whitner, Mays was a nice addition to the team. Let him develop a little more…

  • tony

    they should just convert him to an outside linebacker or even have him play middle linebacker he has way too much talent to be thrown away…the next brian urlacher

  • Gabriel

    Taylor Mays is still green and has way to much talent to be traded so quickly. I say give him a chance to show what hes got !