Gore, Rosenhaus and Baalke to Meet Monday

Runningback Frank Gore wants a new deal. Frank Gore wants DeAngelo Williams money. Baalke and the 49ers aren’t going to give him that kind of money. Talks earlier in the week were that Frank Gore was frustrated because of a lack of a new deal and if he didn’t get paid he would demand a trade.

With all the contract and trade talk GM Trent Baalke is set to meet with Gore and his agent Drew Rosenhaus. In all likelihood Frank will get a new deal, but the question is for how much and for how long.

Frank is 28 and coming of a serious hip injury. Everyone knows that this is Gore’s last chance for a really big contract, well big in a sense that he could possibly get around $5 to $8 million a year. Now does he get that? We’ll soon find out, but if I were the 49ers I pay Gore annually what DeAngelo is getting but not a five year deal. Offer him a 2-3 year deal and if he holds up reevaluate then.

Gore is on record as saying if he doesn’t get an offer that he thinks is fair, he’ll play out his contract and hit the free agent market in March.

Baalke has said he wants Gore to be a Niner for life, but again the question is how does everyone make that happen.

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