Daunte Culpepper Visiting Monday

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the 49ers are having former NFL Quarterback Daunte Culpepper in for a visit on Monday. Culpepper has not played in the NFL since he was with the Lions in 2009.

After the loss to the Saints Harbaugh was asked if he would possibly bring in a veteran NFL QB.

”We’re evaluating it daily and, really, it’s a mindset of letting the guys compete for it,”…”There hasn’t been an opportunity so far to be a clear-cut, definitive winner in the quarterback competition. We just forge ahead.”

”That’s a possibility,” Harbaugh said, noting a decision would be based ”on the right person available.”

So will Culpepper be the “right” person available?

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  • san jose kid

    Not a big alex smith fan but the o line didnt give either qb time ..so that said one preseason game is not enough. Thiink bringing in culpepper is a good thing in alot of ways..maybe hes got sumthin left and he can push alex.

  • Adam

    We should be bringing in an offensive lineman not a QB.

  • One preseason game Alex smith had six years I say enough is enough he is just not good enough to be a staring NFL quarterback it’s time to turn the page

  • Adam

    Alex Smith didnt have 6 years to learn anything. You cant master something when your changing it every year. Finally after all these years he gets a HC that can actually help Alex rather than toss a play book at him and say here go learn this. I've been a 49er fan for 30 years and i've never seen fans of any team have knee jerk reactions like our fans do after 1 preseason game and 10 practices. 49er fans need to have patients and wait till the reg season starts before they pretend to know what they're talking about. And i'm not talkin about you Steve. Talin about all the crap i read on all the other blogs. It's rediculous.

  • bigaldeville

    The bottom line is that Alex smith it not NFL material. He has had plenty of time and should of stepped up a long time ago. I really dont think the niners mangt wants this team to be a power house. some where they came to the conclusion to do whatever. Winning is not an option.Making money and payrol is all they care about.Hopfully 1 day someone with a winning heart can buy the team and make it to what it used to be. As a fan it does not matter how much winning or losing as long as the owner tries to be a winner…