Dashon Goldson Signs One Year Deal

It appears that Dashon Goldson isn’t going anywhere after all. Reports are that Dashon Goldson will re-sign with the 49ers on a 1-yr deal. No word on the amount of the contract.

Not long after the 49ers signed Donte Whitner, Dashon Goldson went on twitter basically said he was gone.

Sorry guys thanx for all ur support but not gonna be back. See ya

So much for that. Reports the other day had Dashon visiting the Patriots, but with rumors he was looking for a big payday it appears that the Patriots didn’t bite.

This signing is good news for the 49ers, if gives them more depth and with it being a 1-yr deal it will not break the bank and who knows maybe Dashon can perform this season at the money he thinks deserves.

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  • maximus50

    sweet! hit squad with Dashon and Whitner back there….gonna have to be interchangeable scheme FS/SS to get them both out there as much as possible at the same time….also looks like Reggie Smith might be hurt at the moment….so good news for us that no one bit on Taylor Mays; looks like we need him now.

  • Adam

    It's not gonna have to an interchangeable scheme. Goldson is free and Whitner is strong. They'll play just like they did when Michael Lewis played next to Goldson. Lewis was a much bigger hitter than Whitner btw. But i think Whitner is a much better all around safety then Lewis. Surely an upgrade in our secondary with Whitner and Rogers back there now. Edwards was a huge pickup i dont care what anyone says. Gonna be interesting to say the least.