Aubrayo Franklin Signs with Saints

ESPN is reporting that the New Orleans Saints and Aubrayo Franklin have come to an agreement. Reports are it was a 1-yr deal.

Franklin who was franchised at a price of over $7 million last season, didn’t get the attention he was hoping for on the free agent market. Franklin met with the Chiefs and the two could not come to an agreement and the Chiefs opted for Kelly Gregg instead. He revisited with the 49ers earlier in the week, but both sides left without a new contract.

After that depature Franklin decided he would take his talents to the Big Easy.

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  • Bobby

    There goes another of our starting veterans to another team…At this rate we will be left with nothing but rookies…It's a good thing we signed them all….The Yorks are sooo f*^%ing cheap, they have no business running a football franchise unless there goal was to run it into the ground, cuz that is what they are doing…They don't spend any money on talented players, They wait till the bottom of the barrel is all that is left to pick from….They spend no money on a stadium that is falling apart…and yet they have high ticket prices and put a substandard garbage product on the field…What a joke!!!