49ers Sign Blake Costanzo

The 49ers have taken another step closer to their Super Bowl run by signing LB Blake Costanzo to a one year deal…okay maybe not.

Blake Costanzo was originally signed by the New York Jets as an UDFA and then went on to play for the Bills and the Browns. While with the Browns Costanzo was a special teams standout under 49ers current ST coach Brad Seely.

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  • Kev

    WTF are the 9ers doing? YORK is f~ing up again

  • jeremy b.

    shaun o'hara, flozel adams, mark starks. come on 49ers… there is great veteran o linemen out there.

  • break ankles

    york is suckinat his job what the niners neeed to do is free up his positions with the team and put up all the candidateds at each positionthat their looking to fill and giveit to the fans to pick by majority decision online… the fans are better at picking the playas .. onlinewise …