49ers Fail to Show Up in Loss to Texans

The 49ers started off with a bang. The first play of the game Texans QB Matt Schaub threw an interception which linebacker Ahmad Brooks returned 13 yards for a touchdown. Unfortunately that was the highlight of the day for the 49ers.

The 49ers struggled on both sides of the ball. The QB play between Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick was awful. The offensive line struggled and hardly gave the QB’s any time. Outside of his first pass Matt Schaub had his way with the 49ers defense. I know that the 49ers are not showing their hand on the defensive side and are playing very vanilla, but I hope that in the next two weeks both sides of the ball get their act together. If not we are in for a long season.

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  • wickerman

    Staley and Goodwin are WAAAY too experienced to play the way they did. It was awful. Smith and Kap are going to get killed at this rate. On one of the sacks of smith, it was a 5 step drop and he got hit on the 3rd step! Unreal!

    The pass defense looks VERY soft… I know it was Houston and they are very potent in the air, but that was a rough outing.

    The o-line better get it together – vanilla pre-season has nothing to do with it. You can either block or you can't. Today, Staley fell solidly into 'can't' territory.

    Funny too how, on the throw where Smith was picked, he took a helmet to the face mask – Tom Brady would have cried or a flag and gotten one…

  • Adam

    Smith has been dealing with this his whole career. I understand he holds onto the ball to long sometimes but he isnt even getting enough time to finish his dropback. Finally we got talent on this team and the talent isnt producing. I truly hope they get this together. The good part about the o-line problems is that they can be fixed virtually ovenight. I think we will be pleasantly surprised when the season starts.