49ers are Sitting with $30 Million

A report today from Pro Football Talk listed all the current cap room for teams that has 20 million or more in cap space. The 49ers were on that list with roughly $30 million in cap room.

The interesting thing is the 49ers are not required to spend another dime this offseason, as long as all 32 teams cut checks this year that equal at least $3.814 billion. So is this Baalke’s plan. Not to spend? From the looks of the players they let go it sure is looking that way.

The 49ers are sitting with $30 million in cap room and they let David Baas, Takeo Spikes, Manny Lawson, Nate Clements and others walk. Now I’m not saying that letting those players go is a good or bad thing, but in return the 49ers are signing players like Jack Corcoran, Antwan Applewhite, Larry Grant, and Madieu Williams. We are still waiting on to see what the 49ers do with two of their own in Aubrayo Franklin and Dashon Goldson.

With the signing of Williams it appears that the 49ers may let Goldson leave and early reports that Isaac Sopoaga was the starting NT, seemed to me that Franklin’s depature was imminent as well. Of course the Sopoaga announcement came before Franklin realized he wasn’t getting interest on the open market. So if Franklin re-signs the 49ers are paying four defense lineman starting money.

So what happens now is anyones guess. The 49ers are still thin at the center, wide receiver, and cornerback position. Will we see them spend some of that $30 million on a few quality players or will we sit and watch them hold onto that money until they are obligated to do so…

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