Niners In Pursuit of Olin Kreutz

With the Niners very thin at the center spot with the departure of David Baas and the season ending injury to Eric Heitmann, the 49ers are trying to lure Bears center Olin Kreutz to the Bay Area.

According to Michael Wright of ESPNChicago An NFL source said that the Niners sent Kreutz a contract proposal Wednesday night. Although the Bears and the center have talked numbers as well, the source said that Chicago’s offer doesn’t reflect how important he is to the team.

Kreutz is expected to make a decision and sign with one of these teams on Friday.

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  • wickerman

    The team needs this BAD.. Snyder and Wragge are great backups (actually I think Snyder should start at G instead of Rachal) but they are not centers. We were lucky to have Baas be versatile enough to be a good C last year. I would hate to have to try another fill in or a rookie while we try to rebuild.

  • I'm sick of REBUILDING !!! Duh, The center position is key. LETS SIGN THIS GUY! The whole thing is getting stupid. Come on !

  • Rey

    The Niners make me sick right now. Questionable QB, thin at WR, Our best player, Gore, plans to sit out, No center, No CB's and still have not resigned Goldson at safety or any of our free agents and just added a kicker..WTF!! Our team reminds me of an episode of Myth Busters..the one with the boat made of paper mache , it looks like it might be okay but sooner or later it is going to sink. We have the worst front office in the league!!!