Lockdown Lockdowned No More

Update: 7/.28.11 – It is now officially official. Unable to reach an agreement on a paycut, the 49ers have released Nate Clements.

Update: It looks like the reports on Nate’s release may have been premature. Adam Schefter is reporting that according to Nate’s agent Todd France, his client has not been released. Regardless if he has been or not. Nate days with the 49ers are either over or he has to agree to a serious paycut. Stay tuned for more….

Matt Maiocco is reporting per a source that the 49ers have informed Nate Clements that he is going to be released. After signing a record contract back in 2007, Nate never lived up to the billing. To put it quite frankly Lockdown never really did Lockdown.

With Nate Clements off the books that will free up more than $15 million in cap space. That money hopefully will be used to go out and bring in Nnamdi Asomugha. But there are reports that Nnamdi is using the 49ers as leverage to drive up the price that the Jets are offering.

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  • josh meeker

    I say getting Nnamdi would be great, but that 15 million could grab a Joseph and Ahmad Bradshaw and just cut the ties with Gore. Both of those other guys are in their prime anyway, not past it. I'm a huge Gore fan but at his age and coming off an injury….

  • wickerman

    ^^^ What he said.

    Gore is not impossible to replace at this point in his career, especially with his injury history. If Hunter and Dixon can be counted on to spell whoever our #1 is, I say get someone with good hands and decent speed and let Gore hit the road. We need to lock up someone for a few years and Gore – injuries and all – probably would have been a risky long-term deal anyway.

    Bradshaw might be great for a West Coast as a runner, but I don;t know what kind of receiver his is… anyone know more about him??

  • medford

    Clements was never above average with us, how many times did he get burned? lets see every time you see the greatest plays by other teams its usually against us and Clements never being in the right position. I say we cut him today.

  • wickerman

    Nate really only shined as a tackler – which would have been awesome if he was 30 pounds heavier and played OLB. We should have released him before last season and gone after someone.

    Have we even had a guy with more than 5 ints in a season since Walt Harris?

  • charles

    the whiners will win 3 games this year and alex smith will be released. there after they will get the first overall pick and draft the future in andrew luck who will lead them to contention.

  • charles

    Frank gore will then go down with an injury and the backup will emerge as a threat.

  • charles

    Just my guesses