Frank Gore Planning to Hold Out

Michael Lombardi mentioned per his twitter earlier this morning that Frank Gore would likely holdout and seek a new deal…

We enter the next phase of a normal off season–players wanting new deals from D Jackson, to C Johnson, to R Wayne to F Gore, to many more

Now that report has been confirmed with a tweet from Adam Schefter

Consider this a welcome-to-the-NFL moment for Jim Harbaugh: RB Frank Gore is planning to hold out when SF reports.

Gore is entering the final year of his contract and wants an extension, not sure what he is thinking since he is 28, coming off a season ending hip fracture, history of injuries, and lots of mileage on those legs…so far this offseason is starting off with a bang.

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  • Gore u are a piece of shit

    • Mac

      Gore has always been a solid running back with a piece of shit offensive line. He deserves an extension. Check yourself dude.

  • wickerman


    That comment is juvenile, pointless, tactless and absurd.

    It also sums up my feelings 100% and I totally agree with it.

    Thank you.

  • toolman

    to the top and wickerman must be dallas fans.'Get a life".Gore has proven he has what it takes.

  • Mac

    Thank you toolman; Gore has proven himself!

  • wickerman

    I'm a 9ers lifer boys, but let's be real. He's 28 which is old for a RB in the NFL. I love what he has done for us, but the guy skipped the player organized minicap after missing 5 games last year and now is holding out as the team tries to install new systems after a lockout.

    Gore is a top 10 back. Period. He has to believe that if he shows up, works hard and proves he has come back 100% the team will take care of him. Holding out is Crabtree/baby nonsense.

    I know it's business. I know he is looking at being retired before he is 40 and looking for some security. But he IS the franchise right now. I can't believe he doesn;t have faith that everyone knows that and will extend him.

    And BTW, calling him a POS was a bit of frustration. I read about right after Baalke and rest of the mindless fools in this organization lost Spikes and Baas and look to be letting Franklin walk. Not a fun time to be a 9ers fan.

    If they get Kruetz(sp?) and the guy with funky name from the Raiders I can;t spell (the CB) I'll be happy as shit (I think that guy is going to Houston, but that beside the point.)

    Relax. It's just a few frustrated fans taking the piss out of Gore a bit. Everyone knows he's a beast.

  • rolfus

    Not one to easily subscribe to conspiracy theories…BUT, have any of you stopped to consider that we may seriously be positioning ourselves to win the Luck draft pick? Just look at the activity of all other NFL teams since the lockout ended, and then look at what the 49'rs have done…and haven't done. All draft picks signed to 4 yr. deals; most veterans kept, a few released, and no effort to obtain FA's who would improve the club. Beginning to luck (er…look) somewhat suspicious.

  • Edward

    As much as I like Frank Gore (and I like him a lot), I think it is BS that he is holding out for more money. He has a lot of mileage on him, and on top of that, coming off a rather serious injury. I know that he and his agent CLAIM that he is healthy but that is a claim ALL players and agents will make. The reality is that Frank Gore has shown his true colors; it;s ALL about the money. What is up Frank? Isn't 5 million for what is sure to be a short season for you not good enough?