Alex Smith Agrees to One Year Deal

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since most offseason signs were pointing that Alex Smith would be back for yet another year. It is being reported by multiple sources that Smith and the 49ers have agreed to terms on a one-year deal. Smith will make about $5 million this season.

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  • Mac

    I sure hope that the only reason we kept smith for another year is to go after Luck next year. How could we toy around with not making Gore happy? Smith is garbage; Gore is solid. That's society for ya….

  • Niners…A

    gore is solid alright…he is always getting injured and now wants more money coming off major injury. Smith is only going to be around for another year unless he somehow pulls a Micheal Vick out of the hat season which i don't think will happen. So suck it up and watch some niner football

  • Adam

    Gore gets hurt because he has to pick up the slack of passing yardish. Therefore he has to work harder to get the team some first downs. It's like when you hurt your knee your other knee over compensates. So when your a badass like Gore, you need to pick up slack