Akers, Grant and Corcoran…Oh My

David Akers, Larry Grant and Jack Corcoran. That ladies and gentleman is who the Niners have acquired so far in free agency. No wide receivers, no centers, no corners, a whole lot of nothing. But don’t worry, Baalke told us to have patience.

“It’s tough for the fans to look at it and hear us say we’re going to take a patient approach when we’ve had as many seasons as we’ve had and not made the playoffs,” he said. “That’s totally understandable. But we are going to be patient. We have been patient. We do have a plan and we’re executing the plan. And I guess the only thing is the test of time. And how successful this plan is will be measured by how successful we’ll become on the field.”

I’m not sure about anyone else but my patience is wearing thin. The 49ers are in desperate need of a DB and the top level DB’s are slowly coming off the market. Richard Marshall, Chris Carr, even Nate Clements are no longer options. A couple names remain, Antonio Cromartie, Carlos Rogers and Asante Samuel that the Niners might show interest in, but Cromartie will likely be back with the Jets and I seriously doubt the 49ers will trade anything for Samuel, but it’s okay Baalke says they have a plan.

In the other positions the Niners are showing interest in Center Olin Kreutz and it was reported he will not be back with the Bears, so there is a shot they might be able to sign him to replace Baas/Heitmann. Regarding wide receivers, reports are the 49ers are going to entertain Plaxico Burress on Monday. Other names that may draw interest are Braylon Edwards, Malcolm Floyd and James Jones. Nothing to much on that end but with the foot injury to Crabtree the Niners will need to bring in someone.

Again, don’t worry Baalke has a plan…what it is? Who knows.

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  • Metal

    Patience is def something fans are running out of…….We have been asked to be patient since 2002…..We keeping screw ups on our roster when everyone else is making moves to win……I have no patience left….

    • Bobby

      The plan is to be patient, screw this season up so bad that we finish dead last in the league, to ensure us of getting Andrew Luck in the draft next year…This year will be a bust and we will be lucky to win no more than 2-3 games all year…. Good plan Baalke!!! Give us more of the same old crap for another year, that we have been seeing since "02"!!! That will do the trick 😉 Baalke's plan is sure to work, and gauranteed to make us dead last in the league!!!

  • Scotty

    To sum up this off-season in one word would be "frustration"…i cant believe we havent made any moves to improve the team, Seahawks and Cards are slowly leaving us in the dust. Im sorry but patients isnt good enough in my book, we need to be able to compete in our own divison before we can even think about making the playoffs. Im sick of turning on the NFL channel and seeing the same thing, Eagles pick up this person, Patriots pick up that person, but no news of the Niners doing anything…it almost feels like were being cheap. Come on now! lets start making some moves so we can actually compete with teams like the Ravens, Packers, Eagles, Patriots because i tell you right now with the way things are going we would'nt be able to.

  • Tom

    It`s all about the owners.The Yorks don`t want to put out any money on free agents.They had a chance to make a splash in the free agent market and failed to come through.They are bottom feeding again for free agents. Until the York`s sell the team to ownership who really care about winning,the Niners will be garbage.I am not willing to pay the high ticket price to go to any more Niner games.I think we all should stay away until the organization shows us that they are willing to spend a little extra to get a good product on the playing field.What a joke!!!

  • Coach Mike

    Jack Corcoran is a very good football player who can play in this league. I think this team will start to spend wise money now that the FAs are at a slight disadvantage. Everyone has their own stradegey

  • ac

    ok people, I am frustrated as well. I hope we pick up at least one of these guys: malcolm floyd, olin kreutz or carlos rogers(i preferred carr ). as for the “plan”, there is one. all we know is they want to “build through the draft. curtis holcomb tearing his achilles didn’t help. BUT, don’t forget that Eddie D was brought back as a consultant for the team last december so I can only think that good things will come of it. face it, this is a transition year so we don’t want to lock ourselves with a bunch of overpaid veterans that will give us 1-2 good years. But a good corner like rogers is a must.

  • Tim

    Oh how silly this all looks in retrospect. Not criticizing, I would have agreed with you at the time, but after the season we've just had, I think we all have a bit more faith in Baalke.

    • 49ersNews

      Tim…thanks for bringing this back up. Wow it is funny looking back on it now. That patience thing he talked about paid off.