49ers Out of Nnamdi Sweepstakes

The lastest report from Michael Lombardi is that the 49ers are telling people they are out of the Nnamdi Asomugha running.

It really isnt a surprise the 49ers didn’t land Nnamdi. There was a slight chance, but in the end looks like Nnamdi wanted to play for a contender.

Now the 49ers still need a DB and will move on and take the money they would have used on Nnamdi and try and strengthen the team in other areas. Here are some names that the 49ers may look at for DB spot.

Antonio Cromartie
Carlos Rogers
Chris Carr
Richard Marshall

Now it is possible the 49ers can go out and get two of the DB’s for the price it would have cost for Nnamdi. It is a wait and see approach now, but I look for the 49ers to go out and sign a DB, C, WR and more depth.

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  • Flash 80

    I agree. We could also just get Cromartie, Floyd and the center from the Bears.