Camp Alex

Reports from the Matt’s (Barrows and Maiocco) have a good bit of the 49ers offensive players getting together to go over Harbaugh’s playbook. Quarterback Alex Smith contacted every offensive player to arrange a ‘minicamp.’ Maiocco put together some of the tweets from some of the players discussing the camp.

Hey Alex 2 more days then we can work for free just like the old days! For the love of the game rather than the money @VernonDavis85 (tight end Vernon Davis posted that on Saturday, and followed it up Sunday with “you know your way to san jose?”).

–Headed home to see all my teammates. @jstaley74 (left tackle Joe Staley, who had spent the past week working out in New Jersey).

–Headed out west for cpl days @DZeigler17 (wide receiver Dominique Zeigler, who is rehabbing a torn anterior cruciate ligament that he sustained late in the season).
–I’m headed back to Cali,In the Airport right now @Boobie24Dixon (running back Anthony Dixon.)

–Gotta get @Boobie24Dixon from the airport. @AnthonyDavis76 (right tackle Anthony Davis).

And here is a quick thought from Barrows regarding the Playbook Sessions.

Three 49ers quarterbacks will be on hand: Smith, David Carr and rookie Colin Kaepernick, who is not yet ready for full practices. The question is, how many receivers will show up? The big mystery is presumptive No. 1 receiver Michael Crabtree, who has been in the Bay Area the last few weeks but who has not worked out with Smith and the group of receivers who work out together. Josh Morgan, Kevin Jurovich, Ted Ginn, Kyle Williams and even rookie Ronald Johnson have spent some time working with Smith this offseason. Crabtree has not.

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