Not Your Normal Kaepernick Interview

I came across this 20 question interview Colin did with his sister-in-law (CandyBarbie). Just thought I’d share since you will not find these answers or questions (Who knew Colin loved Spongebob) on ESPN or NFLN. Here is just a sample of the 20 questions. To read the entire thing follow the link to Colin’s sister-in-laws site below.

CandyBarbie: As you already know, I am a bit of a candy connoisseur, and consider myself to be quite knowledgeable on the subject. I know that you, too, are a fan of candy. What is your favorite candy?

Colin Kaepernick: I definitely am a candy connoisseur, but I have to say my favorite candy is a pretty simple one, sour patch kids.

CB: For all of the ladies out there who read CandyBarbie, I have to ask: Do you have a girlfriend?

CK: No, I don’t have a girlfriend

CB: I have said this on CandyBarbie many times….I am a huge fan of Holly Madison. She is my favorite! If you could take any one female celebrity on a date, who would you take? And where?

CK: I would have to say Skylar Diggins because she is tall, athletic, and beautiful. I would probably take her to Hawaii or Miami, somewhere with a beach because you can never have a bad time on the beach.

CB: Men wearing the color pink seems to be a trend that is becoming more and more popular. How do you feel about that? Would you ever wear pink?

CK: I can’t stand the color pink! Sorry, I know it is your favorite.

CB: You looked pretty sharp in that Burberry coat you sported for your New York photo shoot. I myself own a Burberry trench coat and I can honestly say it is a timeless piece of clothing that will never go out of style. Will you be purchasing one this winter?

CK: After wearing those trench coats in that photo shoot that might be a purchase I have to make for this upcoming winter!

CB: I recently heard that you rock out to Beyonce on your iPod! Clearly, you have good taste in music! Have you ever been to any live concerts? If so, which one(s)?

CK: Let me start by saying I do not rock out to Beyonce, but every once in a while you have to switch it up on people. I have only been to one concert and that was the E40 concert when I was a freshman in college.

CB: I am gonna keep this next question short and simple: Dale Doback or Brennan Huff?

CK: Brennan Huff

CB: I know you probably get asked all the time who your favorite football player is or which player you looked up to most while growing up. I want to know who your favorite professional non-football athlete is and why?

CK: I’m going to have to go with Derek Jeter. He has been the face of that franchise for a long time and performed so well for a very long time, and yet still handles himself with such poise and confidence it’s amazing!

CB: Mr. CandyBarbie (aka Darth!) is a big fan of Batman. Who is your favorite superhero?

CK: My favorite superhero has to be Flash! Speed kills!

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