Fan Poll: Draft Grades

The Draft is over, the 49ers made their picks. Now it’s time for you to let other fans know what you think about the 49ers draft picks. Take the poll below and hand out your draft grade.

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  • Joaqo

    I´m no expert related to what the new players can offer, but what I´m sure of is that the team needed new blood in those positions to improve.

  • Corey

    As long as we strenghten the defense's exterior/ pass rushing. Colin was a good pick. Disappointed we couldn't get Peterson, tho! But I'm looking forward to see if Alex Smith can deliver. He's not a bad QB compared to others i've seen so Alex, if you out there, i believe in you, yo!!! Bring us the division title this year, do or die!

  • mark22

    u make me laugh corey alex smith bringing us a divison title?? give me a break tht loser aint no winner ok im tired of seeing him be our starter we need a new face

  • Mrftbl

    Nice draft for the Niner's and Harbaugh, Peterson would have been icing on the cake though. Colin will be a pro-bowler in due time, and I think we found a pass rusher, now let's address the last piece of the puzzle, the secondary, so we can make a run at another superbowl in the next year or 2. As for Alex, nice guy but not accurate enough, and certainly not competitive enough. Sorry Alex, your days are numbered!