Draft Recap

The 49ers finished the draft with ten new faces for their franchise. Not all will make the cut, but the 49ers did address key areas where they needed help. Pass rusher, Quarterback, Secondary, and Interior O-Line. One area the 49ers failed to address was on the defensive line. Hopefully the 49ers find someone through free agency or perhaps an undrafted free agent they might be able to plug in the line to help. Here is a quick rundown of all the players the 49ers drafted.

Round 1, Pick 7 (7) Aldon Smith DE

Pick Analysis: Jim Harbaugh seeks to fortify the 49ers’ defense by picking up an explosive pass rusher in Smith. Although it will take him some time to adjust to playing from an upright position, he gives them a legitimate rusher to bring off the edge. Of course, the quarterback situation remains a mystery, but the potential re-signing of Alex Smith allows the team to focus on retooling a defense that could lead to a run at the NFC West division crown.

Round 2, Pick 4 (36) Colin Kaepernick QB

Pick Analysis: Jim Harbaugh takes a flyer on the athletic Kaepernick to be his quarterback of the future. He is an explosive dual threat and could be a dynamic player under Harbaugh’s tutelage. While he will need time to transition to the pro game after excelling in a Pistol scheme, he might be a year or two away from being contributor as a starter. This likely means that Alex Smith is still a prominent part of the team’s plans going forward.

Round 3, Pick 16 (80) Chris Culliver DB

Pick Analysis: The 49ers add an intriguing talent to their secondary with the selection of Culliver. He has a good combination of size, speed and ball skills, and will push for time in their nickel packages.

Round 4, Pick 18 (115) Kendall Hunter RB

Pick Analysis: Jim Harbaugh adds another physical running back to the 49ers’ backfield. He is an exceptional “one-cut” runner with toughness, awareness and vision. He won’t push Frank Gore out of the lineup but will give the team another rugged runner to incorporate into the mix.

Round 5, Pick 32 (163) Daniel Kilgore OL

Pick Analysis: The 49ers take a flyer on a small-school standout with their selection of Kilgore. He will move inside to guard as a pro and compete for playing time as a backup swing player.

Round 6, Pick 17 (182) Ronald Johnson WR

Pick Analysis: Johnson slipped a little bit in this draft, because of his size, to the 49ers, who just might be able to take advantage of his big-play ability.

Round 6, Pick 25 (190) Colin Jones DB

Round 7, Pick 8 (211) Bruce Miller DL

Pick Analysis: The 49ers address their 3-4 defense again by adding Miller, who works hard and could be a quality backup for them right away.

Round 7, Pick 36 (239) Michael Person OL

Pick Analysis: Person has intangibles that he will need once 49ers training camp opens up. The team needs depth, so he has a chance at cracking the roster.

Round 7, Pick 47 (250) Curtis Holcomb DB

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  • josh meeker

    I want the 49ers to win period, so if Alex Smith returns I wish him well. But I hope he knows it wont be long if he doesnt perform before the crowd starts chanting for the rookie!