Wanted: Quarterback

The 49ers are likely going to select a quarterback in the NFL draft this year. They have already been to a couple workouts of potential QB’s and are slated to attend some others before the draft takes place. The 49ers fan base is anticipating new head coach Jim Harbaugh to continue his knack for observing quarterback talent as well as developing that talent so that the team can have its best signal caller in almost ten years.

Here is a profile of three of the players they have already scouted or plan on scouting soon:

Andy Dalton, quarterback out of Texas Christian University. Dalton is a senior entering the draft, he stands 6-2 and weighs 210lbs. This past season he threw for 27 touchdowns, 2,857 yards, and posted a completion percentage of 66% and only 6 interceptions. For his collegiate career he has thrown 71 touchdowns and 10,314 yards. He is able to take off and amass rushing yards when the opportunity presents itself as he ran for over 20 yards in 8 different games this past season to go along with 5 rushing touchdowns. Dalton was the first quarterback that Jim Harbaugh watched in person along with the Jaguars and Bengals offensive coordinators. Dalton is also projected to go in the second of third round, although after reports that his workout was impressive its likely he is a lock for somewhere in the second round. Dalton is a very accurate QB and only threw two incompletions in his workout which were actually dropped by the receivers. His accuracy could prove valuable in a West Coast offense.

Blaine Gabbert, quarterback from Missouri. Gabbert is entering the draft after his junior year and stands 6-4 and weighs 234lbs. His junior season he threw 16 touchdowns and for 3,186 yards with a completion percentage of 63%. He has thrown for a total of 40 touchdowns and 6,822 yards in his collegiate career. He also has shown a propensity to run with the ball when needed as he had 20 or more yards in 6 games this past season and he totaled 5 rushing touchdowns on the season. Jim Harbaugh will be in attendance for his pro day as well. Gabbert is considered the best quarterback in the draft by several draft experts. He is also reportedly going to hold a private workout for the Carolina Panthers who have the first pick in the draft so he may not be available when the 49ers pick number 7 in the first round. Gabbert’s knock is that he quarterbacked a spread offense in college and that doesn’t easily translate well into success in the NFL as 49ers fans are well aware of with Alex Smith’s struggles.

Colin Kaepernick, quarterback out of Nevada. Kaepernick is a senior in the draft and measures 6-6 in height and weighs 225lbs. His senior season he compiled 21 touchdowns, 3,022 yards and a completion percentage of 64%. He tossed 8 interceptions as well. Over his college career he has amassed 82 touchdowns and 10,098 yards. He is the most capable rushing quarterback of this bunch with 5 games of at least 100 yards rushing and 20 rushing touchdowns his senior season. It should be noted however that the type of offensive system Nevada ran was more suitable to a scrambling quarterback. It has been reported by Matt Barrows in the Sacramento Bee that the 49ers will visit Nevada and watch Kaepernick work out later this week. He is also viewed as a second or possibly third round pick. Kaepernick is known to be able to put a team on his back and move the ball down the field with his legs or his arms when necessary.

There will surely be many more players holding workout sessions the 49ers are interested in, as well as players the team decides to host private workouts with. In what is surely going to be a slow moving offseason I will try keep everyone informed of whom these players are and what they could bring to the 49ers.

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I have eaten, slept and breathed the 49ers since I knew what football was. Favorite all time players are Steve Young and Jerry Rice, even got to see Rice go into the HOF. I try to bring different perspectives to 49ersnews.com in hopes of sparking some debates in Niner Nation about whats best for the team. Hope everyone enjoys them and if not then comment and tell me why! GO NINERS!
  • Ganjinbuu

    Definately time for a new QB, Alex Smith just doesn’t have the talent to take a team all the way.

  • josh meeker

    If things really go the 49ers way, they can snag one of these guys(Gabbert will be gone) or Christian Ponder AND sign a decent veteran QB to help mold the rook for a year or two.

  • De Palma53

    quarterback is by far our biggest need. Picking at no. 7 gives us options. If were lucky enough for Cam Newton to slip to 7 (doubtful) that should be a lock. But I feel we should trade down a few spots, & draft Ryan Mallet. He has a cannon for a arm, ran a prostyle offense in college, & having a QB guru like Harbaugh, I believe he could mold Mallet into a true elite NFL quarterback, & by trading down we would get a few more picks in the later rounds, which could help rebuilding our defensive backfield

  • Ccboy

    You fools are all crazy!!! Patrick Peterson is the best player by far in the draft!! Hopefully were lucky enough to have him there when we pick. If he is it's a no brainer. Only player in the draft that is a guaranteed 10+ yr starter.

  • Jeff

    You guys are the worst football people ever and need to keep your dummy opinions to yourself! Cam newton? Ryan mallet? Really has anyone ever seen a guy by the name of Patrick Peterson who will be avaiable with the 7th pick? Jesus the 2012 qb draft class is 700 times better why would smith be offered a one year deal if they where gonna trust any of these fools? Open yours eyes people we need cb first priority you obviously didn’t watch any game last year. Burn your 49er apparel now you are not fans just espn/NFL network watching fool!

  • Jeff

    Haha cam newton your a fool. jamarcus russell Jr is more like it

  • Ray

    1st round Patrick Peterson
    2nd round Christian ponder (for the life of me I can’t figure out why this kid doesn’t get more attention from the scouts and would be a steal in the second round)
    After those two pics the rest of the draft doesn’t matter that’s already an A+ draft grade.