With the 7th Pick in the NFL Draft the 49ers select…

The 49ers 2010 season is over and with that the 2011 NFL Draft order is starting to take shape. With wins by Detroit, Dallas, and Houston today it helped the 49ers draft position.

The 49ers went into the game with a chance at picking 5th overall, but winning against the Cards dropped them down the boards a bit. Initially it looked around the 10th spot, but thanks to Dallas, Detroit and Houston the 49ers end up with the 7th overall pick.

Now the question is what do the 49ers do with it? A quarterback, a pass rusher, or a shutdown corner?

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • 49ersRule!

    I would like to hear who u guys think the niners will draft so I can start looking at some of their highlight films

  • Niner Pundit

    Names you will hear. Locker. Newton. Nick Fairly. Patrick Peterson. Prince Amukamara. Mainly pass rusher, qb and db

    • 49ersRule!

      Which qb’s u think will be available at pick #7

  • Mike

    the 49ers need a QB and cam newton should be their 1st pick. if they pick locker, it will be the worst pick since choosing alex smith over aaron rogers

    • The Boss

      Locker's better than Newton. But I like Luck over both of them. Honestly, I wouldn't mind Locker, Mallett, or Gabbert. Just not Cam Newton. I'm not a racist; he's just not gonna pan out.

    • kvoy

      Aaron Rodgers talent at the time wasn't close to Alex Smith. It was the best pick at the time, It was a bust but you cant sit here and look back and say you would of picked Aaron Rodgers. It was all in hindsite. And Cam Newton is the worst pick for us. He is immature, arrogant, and he is OVERRATED. If we pick a qb first round we need to take Locker and try to pick up a vetern for him to play under.

    • 9er lover

      I completely disagree…we need a diva, gimmicky vick in his early years..nope

  • 9ers can't pick Newton, his pops will ask for too much $$$ up front.

  • 49ersfan21

    I dont want tht spade cam newton running our offense

    • andre

      you must be a country bomb. coon are you serious

    • Seth

      Hey! This is the West, The Bay Area; so take your Bible-beatin, brain washed sorry self and kick rocks dude. Stop making the human race sound so backwards. You F-in Douche

      • Maughanster

        Bible beating brain! That is a compliment to all of us who live our lives for the lord. Cam Newton got caught up in a bad money mix which his father saught payment for a God given talent. I agree with Andre Cam Newton is a humbled kid who loves Christ and will shine in the NFL and I hope and Pray the Niners select him, if we dont it will haunt us in the future.

    • AUSTIN

      I would bet every cent I have made in my life that "that spade"(cam newton) would beat your rednack ass like there is no tomorrow.As a matter of fact……..I would beat your ass like there is no tomorrow.You are a disgrace to the Niner nation.

    • The Boss

      You're an idiot. You realize No. 21 (Frank Gore) is a "spade" too. As well as Davis, Willis, and all the other faces of our franchise.

      Racism aside, I don't like Cam Newton for our team. He doesn't fit our style of play and he's a bust waiting to happen. Let the Vikings draft him and we'll take Mallett or Gabbert.

    • p-zo

      all of you racist trailer park crackers don"t know shit about nothing, the nfl is full of sorry ass white boy qb's, it's ok for the brothers to run the offence in college but not in the pro's, the owners and the media don't want black qb's in this league, time to wake up, teach the black qb's from college like you do the white boy qb's.

      • wxdvb

        Unfortunately, p-zo just proved himself no different than 49ersfan21. Racists both.

        • bigjoe85

          as a big 49er fan who just so happens to be black . it is a shame that people cant even talk about sports with out showing their true ignorance by making racist comments. i think p-zo and 49ersfan21 need to crawl back in there racist wholes and do the rest of the world a favor and STFU. now with that said i also think newton is not the answer as a matter of fact lets get a vet qb and groom a young qb for the years to come


      what do u mean "spade" take that racisist crap somewhere eles u make me ashamed to be white! u loser! and u don't know squat about football if don't want cam as ur qb . please change teams maybe an all white team………oh wait there isn't one. dork!

    • misan

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  • 49ersfan21

    coons rarely work out they mosty get into trouble

    • AUSTIN

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    Newton is a great COLLEGE QB, he wont be worth that high of a pick to be an NFL QB. Go after Mallett at QB, Peterson at DB, or Fairley at DLine. Another option would be to go get McNabb, draft a QB, let him sit a year or 2 behind McNabb and go from there. 1FLYNINER!!!

    • The Boss

      completey agree. Newton will be as big a bust Alex Smith. People keep comparing him to Vince Young, but he's more like a JaMarcus Russell. I want them to take Fairley with with this pick and hold out til the 2nd round for a QB. Peterson will go to the Broncos and there are enough CBs in free agency this year. (Al Davis just let Tom Cable go and Asomugha's contract expires this season!) It's no secret Luck will go first overall, be it to the Panthers or another team who trades up, but the Cards will trade for McNabb and between Locker, Mallett, and Gabbert, one of them could fall to the 2nd round where we could snatch them up.

  • Seth

    I say, we use Harbaugh to get Luck and if we can't then we just get a proven veteran.

    • Framedog

      I agree. Go after Vince Young or Kolb from Philly and draft a corner or running back. Gore does'nt seem to be able to finish a season any more


    It's gotta be a QB………..If Patrick Peterson is available,then take him.Elsewise,it has to be #1 Andrew Luck,#2 Blaine Gabbert,#3 Cam Newton or #4 Ryan Mallett.NO JAKE LOCKER…..HE SUCKS!!! Look at most of the top ten teams in the draft.NO QB.Gotta be a QB.My advice is to trade this years 1st and 4th round picks along with next years 1st round pick for the Panthers 1st rounder.I WANT ANDREW LUCK AS MY QB!!!!!!!!!

  • bert

    lets be real everybody we aren't getting andrew luck so lets cut that out! in a division with matt ryan, drew brees, and josh freeman the panthers arent that stupid to pass up a franchise qb! what i would do if i were the niners is look at mallet, newton, and locker peterson and the prince would be nice but the bottom line is we dont have a qb so thats priority #1….personally at 7 i think Mallet would be a nice addition because dont forget he comes from a pro-style as well and can step in and start from day 1

    • The Boss

      definitely the smartest person in this discussion. Mallett wouldn't be bad, and yes, Luck wont be there. Neither will Peterson, and probably not Asomugha either. The only question is will there be enough talent at the QB position later. I believe the difference in talent between the top corners and the top D-linemen in this draft class far exceeds the difference in talent at the QB position. If Gabbert or Locker could fall far enough, I wouldn't mind taking them later and getting a Nick Fairley or Marcell Dareus in the frist round.

  • Yang

    If we get harbaugh, I think we should have a shot at getting Luck. Trade up our 1st and 3rd this year and our first and third next year. That’s our only realistic shot at trading for the 1st pick of the draft. I don’t really like the other QBs other than Gabbert but I think he comes from a spread offense. Hope for a little Luck and keep the faith. Go Niners!!!

    • The Boss

      While Luck is a sensational talent, trading all those picks would be rediculous. We need all the picks we can get this year with all the holes we have to fill: D-line, secondary, QB, and another WR wouldn't hurt. No reason to give up a first round pick next year either unless it's for a proven Pro Bowler at CB or DT. The Harbaugh-Luck combo would be sweet though.

      My trade offer would be our first round pick, plus the 4th and 6th, and maybe even throw in Josh Morgan (we don't need him that badly and he's got limited talent). They'd only be trading down 6 slots, so there's no need to be throwing picks at them. But I'm sure Baalke will make the smart move.

  • Nino Paco

    What about Kevin Kolb of the Eagles. It doesn't make sense for Philly to keep Kolb and Vick with their salaries. We could probably get him for a 2nd or 3rd round pick this year. He played well, has been tutored under Andy Reid and Marty Morningwheg (spelling, sorry), and most importantly he's young with experience. And by the way, I think Morningwheg would make a good coach as well the 2nd time around (see Bill Billechick).

  • niners420

    ok people lets get this straight i have been a season ticket holder since 1981, I have seen good qb's and some really shitty ones(alex smith, jim druckenmiller etc) come and go…what gets me is all the people who want came newton give me a break did we not learn our lesson with a spread offense qb (alex). What we need is a strong arm pocket qb (mallett) etc. I would love to get luck but its not going to happen….there is no way we can give up are whole draft for one person we have jus to manny needs at other positions. I think we need to go defense with our first or second maybe both picks. i also feel that we can get a qb via free agency (palmer, vick) or trade for one (kolb). what we also need that nobody is talking about is an offense cord, i would love to have marty morningway from philly. oh and one more thing with everyone talking about harbaugh as coach what about gruden….that's who i want for our next coach!

    • kvoy

      Mallet is a sitting duck in the pocket. He has a strong arm and is ridiculously tall. Did you not watch the bowl game the other night. He made poor decisions he is good in the regular season but wont show up in the big game. Like some other qbs in the league (i.e Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, and the biggest gamble at number 1 Sam Bradford)

  • 49ersfan21

    Free agency will know whether or not we will pursing a qb at all bc we might get a vet QB either kolb or orton would be nice not (Mcnabb). reason being is bc we might get luck next year and have 2 year contract with tht vet. I think if the niners had a better draft pick i think he joined the nfl draft and he knows he would get selected by carolina or arizona, but if we do go get a Qb in the draft i have to say lets gets get him in the 2nd round, 1st round we need a CB, Prince seems like tht choice



  • 49ersfan21

    god i hope we dont get cam newton in the first round yes hes a winner but i didnt like some of things he did with his descion making in the bcs game two ppl tht are likely to fall in the second round i hope are jake locker and gabbert no way tht he will get selected in the first bc of the gimmick offense he had. Everyone thought jimmy clausn would get picked up in the first or second and colt mccoy. only mallet and possibly cam newton in the first

  • 49ersfan21

    we should go after orton i dont think kolb will go to us bc i dont the 49ers organization are not going to waste any draft picks trading for kolb.

  • JKron

    sign mcnabb palmer or vy… draft either top db's …. trade clemens for vincent jackson……

  • I understand nothing about Vincent jackson

  • arod25

    its best to get a corner or sum passrush in the draft n later on draft a decent qb that harbaugh can develope someone like any dalton

  • DeeKon52


  • bert

    its looking more and more likely the CBA wont get done until after the draft..we have a huge need at 3 spots: QB, CB, and OLB. The rule is if you dont have QB you have no business passing on one period. CB doesnt do any good without a pass rush in todays league. Personally I say a QB at 7 needs to be the pick. Gabbert and Mallet have to be considered at 7 as well as Newton. these 3 cant be any worse than what we had. Stop with this CB and OLB talk at 7 whens there obviously a HUGE hole at QB

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    We need to bring in a proven QB, Orton or Mcnabb. Like Kolb, don't like he's from Texas, particularly Houston which I dispise, and also that he grew up a cowbilly fan, I don't think he wants to be here being a fan of the Billys, but we can always convert him from the bill's like we did Willis and Crabtree, he will also see the light and realize who the best team in the NFL is, the 49ers! Anyhow, like Kolb a but he's not played too much as a starter and he could be like Alex, good in some games, bad in others inconsistant. We need a proven veteran as our 1st stringer and draft a rookie in 1st round to be groomed to be the excessor.

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    meant succesor to the veteran, that's much what Walsh did, he got a proven QB to train and mentor the 2nd stringer to become that QB sucessor. He created a lineage, and that why we had the sucess we had at QB and also that we had the great Bill Wlash and Mr. D. We need to win now, aquire that proven QB Orten, Mcnabb or possible maybe Kolb and then draft a Qb in the first round Jake Locker, Blaine Gilbert, and have the proven veteran mold him for sucess. Get offensive lineman in later rounds and defensive backs which everyone on this site is obsessed with defensive backs, everybody on this site thinks that can win it all, and QB is the main ingrediant to sucess in the NFL, without that we arent going anywhere at all!

  • Antonio Montana

    The miners would be crazy to draft a qb at #7! I see them dealing with qb in free agency… We will take a corner either prince from Nebraska or Peterson from LSU with Peterson being the better of the two! If they aren’t there look for Robert Quinn olb from north Carolina or possibly wr AJ Green from Georgia If he falls to #7…. locker is at best a second round pick you guys!!!