Tick Tock…Tick Tock…Harbaugh on the Clock

Well it certainly has been an interesting couple of days. Just when it looked like Jim Harbaugh was set to be the new head coach, the Dolphins fly across country for one last desperate plea to Harbaugh.

So where are we sitting now? Same place as they were yesterday. Reports are the 49ers have offered Harbaugh somewhere in the $4.5 – $5.5 million range and now are waiting to see what the Dolphins have to say to Harbaugh.

The reports are the Dolphins are willing to go to $7-$8 million a year for his services. Now we have to play the assumption game.

Is Jim willing to accept $7-$8 million from the Dolphins where he’ll face the Jets/Pats twice a year, be in the same conference as his brother, and from the sounds of it have no say in personnel type matters, which the 49ers seem to be offering. That is mentioned because reports are that the Dolphins offered Bill Cowher the same type deal but he wasn’t allowed to have to much power (ie: GM type decisions) also reports are Harbaugh would have to keep the current Dolphins staff.

Here is how I think it will play out. Jim will meet with the Dolphins, out of respect as reported. Listen to what they have to say and then tell Stephen Ross, no thank you. With the Dolphins flying in this will force Jed to open his wallet a little more and look for around $6-$6.5 million the counter offer to Harbaugh.

In the 49ers Harbaugh gets to play in the NFC West, gets to stay in the Palo Alto/Bay Area, will get to bring his Stanford coaching buddies over, gets personnel decisions, and have access to the Bill Walsh film library.

So I have my fingers crossed that Harbaugh will be the next head coach, I have a feeling it will still happen, but who knows I’m usually wrong more than I am right.

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  • willjharris

    Man we need him there is no one really left on the market. The 49ets have to get this deal done.