The Search is Still On…

It’s Tuesday and the 49ers still have no GM or HC, well officially don’t. The reports are still flying that Trent Baalke will be named the next GM and as far as head coaches go the reports are that Jim Harbaugh is still No. 1 on the list and it looks like the 49ers are the front runners to land him if he decides to seek employment elsewhere.

Reports yesterday said that Trent Baalke probably couldn’t bring in Jim Harbaugh, but if the 49ers were to hire Michael Lombardi than most likely he could lure in Harbaugh, since apparently both are good friends.

At this point we are still where we were after Jed spoke at the press conference. But the feeling is a GM and HC should be named shortly. Who they are remains unclear but hopefully Jim Harbaugh is the next HC.

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