Jim Harbaugh New Head Coach

Finally the Harbaugh rollercoaster is over. ESPN is reporting the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh have reached an agreement.

Despite all the back and forth speculation. Jed York and Co. stood their ground and landing Jim Harbaugh.

The deal is for 5 years $25 million. Jed York got himself a hometown discount….this is Harbaughsome.

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  • mike92385

    Awesome. They didn't go too high (hopefully) and still got who they wanted. Is Jed actually competent? We hope, we hope.

  • 49ersRule!


  • Cool J Gross

    The word is 5 years 25Mill.

    So basically 5 Mill per year

  • wickerman

    Is it weird that I'm actually more excited that he is reportedly bringing in a new DC???

    Bye bye Manusky. Take Clements and Sop with you…

  • torrguy

    Huge mistake! He's only this good because he had a stud quarterback at Stanford. What's he going to do without Andrew Luck? Should have gotten Gruden or Billick. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am.

  • Josh Meeker

    I would have liked Billick as well, but I think Harbaugh will be a good coach. Although I do expect a few rookie mistakes, but the guy played qb not too long ago and knows how to develop qbs. I assume we draft one with our first pick, but even if we get a later round qb I think Harbaugh can shape them up.

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    I was very happy when I heard this news, I became a fan of Harbough, did not like him at first, but when I realized to myself he did play football in the NFL, he did coach as an assistant and he's lives and coaches in the bay area, I knew then he was a good choice. And yesterday he said he looks at Walshs photo often and he was the most impoortant, that sold the deal for me. I wanted a guy who knows our legacy and what toi withhold, not some guy who would come in here like Erickson did and not look at our history and say anything about it. I liked Nolan but he never talked about ourlegacy and what it was being a 49er, we need to emulate our winning years and now we will! There was so much traidion and things that will be a roadmap to sucess for years to come and we need to follow that legacy and I'm glad Jed is wanting to do that, and I'm glad the coach we hired relizes who he's coaching the historic 49ers! We are one of the best teams in NFL history and we only deserve the best quality and now we got it.

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    Now our focus needs to be on finding a star proven QB, and I'm sure thats first up for Harbough after he compiles his staff. Anyone know of any takers out there we can possibly pick up in free agency, any good QB's with a proven sucess record, no inconsistancies like Kolb, although I think he's young and pretty good especially in the game against us, but some people say he's too inconsistant much like Alex is. What does everyone think for QB, thats the next most important thing that will build our franchise and get # 6 for us and I'm sure Harbough is going to tackle that issue ASAP. I though about Mcnabb, but some people question his age in NFL years, and he's been playing not like the same Mcnabb people say, havent seen too much of him this season to judge on that. People say we can't get Vick ofcourse because of his sucess, the eagles will lock him up, these are just some free agents I've seen that will be available, just brainstorming the market. I dont know of anyone else, and I wouldnt bring in Kolb as a starter, he would not be playing for the panthers, this is the 49ers were talkin about here, he'd be a backup if anything.

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    We need a proven star QB as our # 1, and I would not want to pull off a trade for a QB, and take apart our team unless we got rid of some unsucessful players, none of our stars, just players like maybe clements or franklin who are ok but not the superstars on the team. We will draft a rookie, and groom him under a proven star, that's the best scenerio, and I'm sure they will do it that way.

  • LoneTexas49erFan

    What QB's does everyone think we should get, not in the draft, but as our #1 in free agency or trade, like Mcnabb or Kolb. Who does everyone think we will get?? Does anyone have any ideas on this, or any suggestions??

  • LoneTexas49ersFan

    Doesn’t really matter what who we want, but I’m just trying to get an idea what QB we might go after in the market, hopefully somone prove and consistantly good, I’m sure Harbough will because hewants to win a Lombardi ASAP!. I love that thinking, that’s the old 49er way! winning is everything, losing is unexceptable!

  • LoneTexas49ersFan

    Harbough’s a bit like Walsh in offensive mindset and a bit like sing in his fire you up personality, but he doesnt use scare tactics, so he makes it comfortable. I like how you see him pushing around players, and getting them fired up, that’s old school, and he has passion to win!