Jim Harbaugh to Become 49ers New Head Coach…

Nothing official out of 49ers camp, but we heard from someone who was at the undiclosed location (Marriott in Burlingame) that Jed, Baalke, and Harbaugh were meeting at. The three of them and others met in one of the conference rooms. It was overheard that Jed told Harbaugh, ‘You are bringing us number 6.’ Meaning ring number 6 for the 49ers. Lots of smiles and handshakes.

Now I don’t expect everyone to believe me, which is fine. I understand. But I’m standing by my source in that the 49ers will come to terms with Jim Harbaugh and an official announcement should come soon.

I’d expect a press conference to be scheduled for tomorrow (possibly Friday), introducing both Trent Baalke as GM and Jim Harbaugh as new HC.

Today is a great day in Ninerland. Now bring us #6 Jim…

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  • Oh man, finally some good news involving the niners. I dont know anything about Baalke (new GM) but he must be cheap enough for us to afford cashin out on jim Hardbaugh. Finally get some news worth cheering for.
    This doubles my anticipation for the coming season.

  • jeff berez

    Your source is wrong. Harbaugh had the meeting and has not yet agreed to anything. My close sources have told me that Harbaugh is having a hard time leaving Stanford and the fact that Luck would like to return has kept him from commiting to anything at this time. Do not be surprised if at the end of the day Harbaugh remains at Stanford with a new contract matching Land Kiffin of USC.

  • momobytes

    Please let this be right

  • Rich Rod



    But in reality he's getting the coaching gig at St. Thomas Aquinas in Florida.

    Fuck You Go Bears,

    Richard Cock Rodriguez


    Well, I've become a Harborough fan, but my original plan A was Gruden and still is. If Jed does not get this done with Harborough he's imcompetent as far as I'm concerned and he need's to advise with Mr. D more often. The original plan was either Grude or Harborough, so if Harborough goes to South Beach, then we need to go with the next best canidate which is CHUCKY, John Gruden don't ya think!!!! We need John Gruden if he's not available, we have the next best thing at plan. If Harborough doesnt sign with us and we dont get Gruden I will be devistated, somene was saying something about Mcdaniels, I disliked him when he ran the broncos, he had no business running that team at his age. IF WE DONT GET HARBOROUGH WE NEED JOHN GRUDEN

  • ryan

    hahaha you guys have been exposed as frauds ONCE AGAIN! You have no sources, just pure speculation and guesswork… what nonsense

    • 49ersNews

      How are we frauds? Did you not read that the deal was pretty much complete and that Miami swooped in at the last minute. But believe what you wish. The deal was getting done and then Miami F'd us.

    • 49ersNews

      From Kawakami: During their meeting on Wed, Harbaugh told 49ers he'd probably sign up & have presser on Thurs. So what's the big deal about 24 hours?

      And what did we say. Our source was dead on.

      • RKO52

        So, turns out your information was BS afterall. They weren't in any hotel. There was no conference room. There was nobody to overhear anything. They were sitting in someone's kitchen eating homemade sandwiches. Why would they meet at the airport hotel anyway? Harbaugh lives in the Bay Area. It's not as though he'd fly in to interview…

        I suppose you achieved your shortsighted goal of getting mentioned on twitter and increasing your traffic, but your site is now as trusted as the fool from FinsFanatic who said Miami was a done deal as well.

        Your source was not even in the neighborhood of "dead on."

  • Josh

    Dolphins going to outspend 9ers. Looks like Jed is still a penny pincher (even after he stated that money wont be a problem). All those eggs he just put into one basket by hiring Baalke to get Harbaugh just broke. Same ole yorks.

  • Subdoc9ers

    The issue is that the Dolphins are going to severely overpay this guy. They are talking 8 million/year. That is insane for a first time NFL HC. Chris Mortinson at ESPN even agrees with that, and think that the Niners should let him walk. I'm tell you guys that I would like nothing more for the Niners to hire this guy but not at that cost. I know that coaches pay doesn't get included with the Cap but it does affect what he is willing to spend on players if all the money is going to the coach. I really think that 5 million per year is a lot, but its better than 8. I just fear that jed is going to pay this guy a huge amount and then be cheep when it comes to getting us a QB later on.

    • Willy

      I totally agree with Subdoc9ers. Jed shouldn't even be a team president. He has no NFL experience at all. He should be filing papers or answering phones instead. Hire Gruden, get good players and we will get results. College Coaches should stay coaching college teams. Leave Harbaugh where he's at, or let him walk to Miami and let them spend $$. Hire Gruden and niners will get happy fans.